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Discussion in 'EVO' started by Jerry Pike, May 31, 2019.

  1. I recently purchased an Evo and have been very happy with the performance and video quality, however, one thing i noticed when using the pre-installed SD card, was that the videos (in MOV format) were cropped into 4~ish minute chunks, maxing out at 3.6gb before starting a new clip. Looking at the disk, I figured this was because of the fat32 formatting and the 4gb file size limitation. After getting another SD card formatted to exFAT, i took it out again and took a video to try it out, and the cropping still happened and file size maxed out at 3.6gb. The video was never paused or started, just continuous filming. Any advice on how to change this behavior?
  2. Jerry,
    You should find that the consecutive files will play seamlessly. This is just a function of the way the Evo and XSP record... so as far as I know, you cannot change this behavior nor is it a problem. Just load two consecutive files into a video editor and play them.
  3. Sometimes the two consecutive files are missing a frame or two and do not seamlessly play together. Any tips? I have put multiple clips together and some of them play seamlessly but others have small gaps between clips.
  4. Sorry Jerry, I never had that situation. I am sure you did snap the files together on the timeline so now I have two thoughts: 1) Hopefully a more knowledgeable person can chime in and 2) contact Autel customer service.
  5. Jerry,
    What is the condition of your SD card? New? Old? Does it function well in another device. DID YOU FORMAT IT IN THE DRONE?
  6. i was using the one that came with the drone, in the same flight, some videos came back missing frames and some came back smooth
  7. My evo comes tomorrow, excited. Re: missing frames this is a well-known issue for some aftermarket dashcams being used for surveillance with an app.
    Alot can be eliminated with a Class 10 SD-card and not all are created equal. Samsung Class 10 (the black edged not the gold-edged, forget the trade name) is designed specifically for continuous surveillance camera overwriting and is priced to match. The gold Samsumg Class 10 is probably good enough but just spend the $80 or so to know your 4k 60fps footage is reliably being saved.
    Autel made the drone not the camera, they are gonna give you the minimum SD-card for functionality.
    Or look at what SDcard Sony recommends for that model CMOS, but the Samsung is probably about the best prosumer sdcard right now.

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