sd card is bad!

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  1. Anyone have issues with the included sd card not working? even when installed in several different card readers it wants to format! even after doing a format on the app in android. Other cards will work. tried two others, worked fine.
  2. Mine will not read in computer still running XP but worked fine in another computer. How old is the computer you tried to use? Some older computers will not recognize the formatting of the SD card.

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  3. I am running xp pro, have been for years and its good. I have another sd and it read it fine. I will do some digging to make sure it can handle a 64G sd. I have some 64G jump drives that work fine.
  4. ok , I got it fixed! I used partition tool. deleted the partition, then created a partition, used all of it, then it worked! video is still choppy even playing from the pc, so might need to find a better player. it should handle 1080p at 60fps tho and is choppy! I use VLC and have the codac and newest update in there.
  5. I had trouble with vlc on a windows 10 computer when I used the highest quality video. I reduced the video quality more for ease of handling and vlc worked fine. 1080p is the best playback that I am equipped for anyway. I use 30 fps which would be half the file size as 60 fps and the difference is undetectable until you are close to landing.
  6. Hi, it was recommended to me replace the stock card, which a higher speed card, it needn't been a larger capacity but the UHS-3 is a good catagory of microSD to get. Thanks for the great info you all have, i'm new will post intro soon.
  7. If anyone is out there, I would like to purchase another card. Can you use faster cards like U-3 or is there any compatability issue?
  8. Try this player. I too had playback problems until someone recommended this: (Never looked at another player since).

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