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  1. Will you please share whatever you have done to get the brightest and clearest video on your tablets while flying your x star and 'eliminating or lessening' the sun glare problem. I am looking for anything... e.g. tablet used, coverings on tablet, sunshades, whatever? Also, do you consider what you have done successful?
    I have lessened the sun glare problem but am not particularly happy with the brightness of the display, so I am calling upon and thanking the x star community.
  2. Bjtap: I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 T813 9.7" tablet with a clear #9 hardness screen protector & an Autel tablet sunscreen. I have had good success with these combos due to the screen brightness. I don't like the antiglare screen protectors however, due to the picture quality. I try to stay in the shade if possible while viewing & flying, it helps alot but if im in the sun i'll face the screen away from direct sunlight. I hope iv'e shed some light on this subject.
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  3. Sitting in the golf cart with the black roof helps. Mid day can be a challenge but that is when the best light for photography is usually.
  4. I had the 13" tunnel hood which was great but when I bought these that comes from Germany,
    kwmobile Screen protector MATT and ANTI-GLARE, resistant against finger prints for Nvidia Shield Tablet / Shield K1 Tablet - PREMIUM QUALITY

    I only use it with a portable set up as shown with a screen shot from a vid.

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  5. I use an iPad Air with the Autel hood and have had very good results. In fact, I was quite satisfied until I just out of curiosity loaded Starlink onto my wife's iPad Pro and took it outside - what a difference! The attached photo shows my Air on the left and the Pro on the right, with the same scene on the screen and photographed in direct bright mid-day sunshine with no hood. I tried to align both tablets identically to get a true comparison. I have since learned that the iPad Pro models, along with the current iPad Mini, have by far the lowest screen reflectance of any tablet. Although the Pro 9.7 shown in the picture has been replaced by the Pro 10.5, which is slightly too large to fit in the Autel hood, I would say that the iPad Pro is entirely useable in direct sun with no hood at all, due to its extremely low reflectance. Hope to try it out on my next flight, the biggest challenge will be getting it away from my wife!:)

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  6. I would tend to say and I could be wrong that the screen on the right has a matte screen protector and again only my opinion.
  7. I know it looks like it, but it has no screen protector whatsoever, just whatever anti-reflective coating is applied at the factory. I have no idea how they do it, but the result is pretty amazing.
  8. Following Norm's advice I added a matte to my tablet. I used it this past wekend in varied conditions. Never used the "shade". Appears a bit dark, but no glare. Had to learn to lighten my pics/videos a bit.
  9. Then the only advice I can give you is either buy the one from your wife or get a new one, just wondering thought if the coating gets scratched, could you get the coating done again?

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