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    got an xsp wanting to sell,$800 ,3 batteries ,1 new one and the other 2 have about 3-4 charges on them.
    Never crashed ,bought back in May ,has a total of about 4 hours flight time on it .
    Paypal only,.
  2. You may wish to consider a photo of the drone and equipment, and the location... what country, what state, near what major city?
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  3. Why are you selling?
  4. out there?
  5. Yes i'm here!
    TomKnAL , I thought I'd try a little AP ,buy it's just not my thing .So trying to sell to someone who might enjoy it more than i do.
    Besides I like zipping around with my ATON instead.
  6. So once again, where on the planet earth are you?

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    Larry 0071, sorry Oklahoma City, OK

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