She's a coming

Discussion in 'EVO' started by copshopmech, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Just got the email from Carolina Dronz, my EVO is in transit.
  2. The Autel website is showing them in stock now as well.
  3. and now Autel is out of stock.....
  4. That didn't take long
  5. Hopefully I have one coming from Drone Works. No shipping info yet.
  6. Got tracking number from Autel today. Mine has shipped.
    I would guess Thursday or Friday for arrival.
    I also see that the app is available at Google play.
    I wonder when spare batteries will be available.

  7. Others on FB have also said that the explorer app is available on Google play store but when I go there I only see the starlink app
  8. Nevermind all the sudden it's there
  9. Mine is showing shipped now as well, no tracking data yet. My spare battery seems to be on back order.
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    Tracking updated...………. Delivery on Monday.
    Hmmm... updated again...… hope this happens!!
  11. Got this neat package in the mail today. Not sure about the other stuff but there's a pretty neat beer cooler......

  12. Sweet.... nice looking luggage as well.
  13. Whats in the box? The Evo I hope- photos- please
  14. She was coming. No update since it left Redmond WA on Tuesday at 3am.
    Guess it will show up on Monday.

    Long weekend ahead...…..:confused:
  15. The long weekend will be worth it come Monday- Please keep us informed
  16. Got shipping info on mine today. Tuesday is the big day.
  17. Just got an email from Parrot. My Anafi is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.
    So, I checked the tracking on the Autel EVO. It too is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.
    Both will arrive on the same day!!
  18. So many quads, so little time.... sigh
  19. Good thing I am single and my son is grown!!

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