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  1. My Xstr Premium was new in December and does not have a lot of flying hours on it. Yet the battery life has dropped considerably since December. Used to show around 25 minutes fly time when I started with a fully charged battery. Today I saw it showed 16 minutes fly time even though I had it fully charged this morning. Is this normal? The controller usually has at least 90% life left by the time the drone battery has dropped to the critical stage and initiates forced landing.
  2. I've had that happen. I've got 3 batteries. Doesn't seem to be specific to one battery. Randomly happens and you only know when you startup the system.

    Happened to me once when filming farm equipment working in a field. Landed, switched to a fresh battery and hurried back to the field to resume videoing. After a couple minutes the controller suddenly started beeping and initiated critical landing!!! Looked at the indicator and had 1 minute left!!! Drone landed in the field. Was a friend in the tractor and he stopped before running over the drone.

    Since that incident I check flight time with every launch.....
  3. Mine just seems to be consistently getting shorter flight times. As if the battery is losing ability to take a full charge. Since I have only had it this short time i'm thinking the battery should not be due for replacement yet?
  4. Start a "ticket" thru Autel's Customer Service.

    All three of mine have been charged more than 20 times.

    The incident I described the battery was fully charged that morning. Failure happened 4-6 hours later.
  5. Flew again today twice and each time it indicated 16 minutes of flight time even though it showed 100% charged. I guess that is as good as it gets. I should probably start shopping for a new battery as 16 minutes goes by pretty fast and does not leave much time to get back to ground.
  6. I certainly wouldn't consider that normal battery behavior. How many times has it been charged? How many flight hours?

    I would still recommend contacting Customer Service thru their website to discuss this.
  7. Thanks for directing me to their website. After a little searching and reading I think I see where this will go. One line states, "Only use the battery in temperatures between 14°F and 104°F (-10°C and 40°C). Extremely high temperatures may cause a fire or explosion, and extremely low temperatures may lead to permanent battery damage"
    So my winter time flying would probably be blamed as the reason for the shortened battery life. I can't prove it did'nt but they can't prove it did. So where is the best place to shop for a new battery?
  8. I still don't know the age and history of your battery?

    That's why I suggest you start a "ticket" on their Customer Service site. They may warrant your battery. There's also a way to get an analysis of your current battery condition. Also tells how many times it's been charged. You might find that on your viewer and take a pic of the screen and include that in your inquiry.

    They are very fast at responding. You can speed up the back and forth responses by giving them all the information you can upfront.

    Here's a link to the site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "" icon. Then answer all the questions and state your issue.

    Let us know how this works out.
  9. There's also a Tutorial concerning the batteries. Might check that out. Maybe something there that you can do to help this situation?
  10. Trying to give you a link to the "batter" tutorial. See if this works.....

  11. Yes, thanks, the link worked well and the video gave me some good info. I'll post a pic of what I saw on my screen for battery status just now. The battery was new with the drone last December so almost 7 months old. Charged 38 times. History status all normal. Showing only 72% even though I charged it less than 24 hours ago. IMG_3943.JPG
  12. The 72% part concerns me. I think the last time I looked at that mine showed 96%.

    This stuff is way above me.

    Hope we get an answer. Can't believe tbe batteries start losing their run time after 35 charges....
  13. Absolutely report this to Autel. The say they warranty the battery up to 200 charges. They can get the info from the battery and take care of it. They are great when it comes to CS.
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  14. Ok, email sent to Autel support just now with the relevant information.
  15. New battery is on the say from Autel support. Covered by warranty.
  16. That's great!!! Do you have to send the old battery to them? Didn't know if they are rebuildable?
  17. They did not ask for the old battery so I assume it is of no value to them. I had to pay customs and excise duty of just over $17 to DHL today before it heads across the border.
  18. Very good customer service!!
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  19. Yes, new batt showed up Friday.
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  20. Wow, that was very good!!!!

    I've had random short times but nothing consistent yet. Hope mine is just "operator error". Maybe not getting the battery fully charged. Or delays in usage that might trigger the battery to start discharging just before I used it?

    Glad yours worked out for you!!! Happy flying!!!!

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