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    Alright so I started off with the bebop 2, bought it from Best Buy when it was $250 (flew non camera cheap drones before) and saw the Anafi was on sale a little later and traded the bebop on it. Anafi is an excellent little bird, for what it is. Just to light imo and I would get strong wind warnings at 5mph winds. The cooling fan is in a terrible location on it and I got one with a bad bearing I believe because the sound was atrocious. Took it back and bought the Evo after seeing many reviews and Best Buy giving $100 gift card along with price matching Amazon. Love this thing, I’m able to get 2 miles easy in the country with trees around the property and such, but it’s just a stunning little thing. Not sure why so much background but there ya have it. Basically just throwing this out to see some stunning photos y’all have taken with the Evo.
  2. They call this five fingers. five fingers.png
  3. Omfg!!!! Man I can’t wait to travel with this thing. Absolutely gorgeous picture

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  4. Thanks, I just got the car charger so I can stay out longer when the weather is nice. I used it on this trip and it works very well.
  5. Here are a couple of summer cabins. Screenshot (92).jpg Screenshot (93).jpg
  6. It looks unreal! I love the camera features on this thing. And Autels customer service is as great as those pictures. I can’t wait for the multi charger to come out. Getting 2 new batteries sent to me and all that flight time on clear days

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  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Had to show a few pictures I have taken recently

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