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Discussion in 'EVO' started by George G, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase a parabolic antenna that will fit the Evo 2 controller?
  2. The Mavic Pro Parabolic signal booster will fit Evo controller, I’ve tried it. Originally, bought the signal booster for the Mavic Mini, it appeared to help but wasn’t consistent. Tried it with Evo Controller, it fits. But since went with Alientech Pro 2.4 booster, that greatly increased transmission signal.

    You’re better off going with an Alientech antenna, you want a boosted transmission signal with consistency. I went with Alientech Pro.

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  4. Thanks for the response. I'm going to try it in conjunction with a Yagi-Uda antenna setup to experiment and measure the increase. Will likely end up with Alientech as you recommend.
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    You’re welcome George,

    Autel controller is pretty good stock wise, but in areas with inference or obstacles need a stronger transmission signal.

    Actually, Going with another another antenna setup such as whips greatly increased the signal over Evo stock antenna setup. If I was to stop using the Alientech Pro booster setup, of course I won’t but if I did would strictly go with whips and be happy.

    Others going with smaller Whips, have also confirmed they too experienced a better signal over stock antennas, just wanted to share with you Evo users have other antenna options that are not expensive.

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  6. I have taken your lead and modified my remote with the Alientech Pro booster as well. WOW...what a difference. I'm in a moderately high interference environment and the booster is awesome at overcoming it.
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  7. That’s terrific George, and the booster is forgiving doesn’t need to be directly pointed to Evo 2 up close areas. However, I do recommend it at great distances or in areas with heavy inference keeping the booster amplifier pointed directly at drone.

    I’m very happy for you, getting the Alientech Pro booster.


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