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    I noticed when trying to upload photos to the site the size of the photos from the x-star is over the size limit. This should be changed so we don't have to go through the bother of downsizing the image. People get frustrated and stop posting nice photos.
    A list\sticky of what can be uploaded is also a good idea. Some common file extension that should be allowed is .pdf, .rar, .zip and .csv files. This makes it easier for members to pass on solutions or exchange needed files. Of course there has to be a size limit on them but within reason.
    These are my suggestions and please add to them if you have any.
  2. I use and just upload the link on here.
  3. Server space costs $$$. Resizing the photo only take a few seconds for me using Paint.
  4. The maximum attachment file size has been increased from the default 1MB to 10MB.

    Also the maximum dimensions for attached images has been set to 1600x1600 pixels. Images larger than that will be downsized automatically.
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  5. Thanks Einars

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