SKYREAT Copper Antenna Range extender Windsurfer for Autel Robotics X-Star / X-Star Premium Drone

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by FF119, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. I have them and have doubled my range. Still have not gotten it out past the mall because I am in a high interference area. Even with that said I notice even with a lot of interference the range is still double. Can't wait to test it in a better area

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  2. Good to know, I have heard mixed reviews but it is nice to hear a positive one for a change.
    Keep us informed on the open area testing.
  3. Will do.

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  4. I tried the cd trick and it didn't work, if anything I think my reception and video interference was worse.
  5. I have a set of these myself and as eyekayu has mentioned they have doubled my range as well. Before I could only fly my xsp 1/4- maybe a 1/2 mile from my house. I could get on my roof and fly about 1.26 miles. I bought these extenders and was able to fly 1.87 miles from the ground. So yes they work.

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  6. Seeing that I am NEW to all this- I am not looking for more range-
    BUT better reception- if it helps on distance, it must just help all around?
  7. Yes

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  8. I am not huge on the distance myself, I do push the limits sometimes but like you have mentioned rixxie I want great reception. My house kind of sits in a valley between the other houses around with lots of oak trees so my reception was terrible unless I climbed on the roof to have unobstructed signal. No need to climb anymore with these. Now what I am curious about is actually being able to buy a new/ better antenna like I see advertised for other drones

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  9. T.J.N. I see them on ebay and amazon- think I might get one- probably one of the least expensive things
    I have purchased so far- I haven't had loss of reception- only put the bird up 3 times- just want to NOT
    loose reception-LOL
  10. FYI... Good tip. If you fly out if site. Use the map in the starlink app to retrace your route. There is an antenna mod you can do. ITELITE DBS MAX UPGRADE. The tutorial is on here and on my autel resource page

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  11. Just a reminder our forum sponsor Frank at CarolinaDronz stock the ITELITE DBS MAX UPGRADE and many other parts for the Autel xstar.
    Frank stands behind everything he sells and is not happy till you are happy :)
  12. 10 4 Thank you--
  13. I ordered the Skyreat reflectors and they should arrive today. How much better is the ITELITE mod? I see it is for 900mhz which the manual lists as the video link. Does it also improve Command transmissions from the 5.8ghz point?
  14. Thinking about getting the ITELITE mod myself. Heard of people getting like 3 or 4 miles with the mod. Waiting for more people to purchase and test it. Also I have the hard case for my drone. I know for sure with the mod the controller will no longer fit. Minor issue but I travel allot with my drone.

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  15. Wow I just skimmed through that vid you posted eyekayu. I did not realize that thing was the size of a small TV. lol I'm good on my signal strength. That thing is crazy. Now I am new to the drone world the xsp was my first and before I bought it I looked around for a few months before I jumped in.... but what I am curious about is DJI has after market antennas that are much smaller and most resemble a mushroom. Is Autel probably just too new for these aftermarket parts or is there another reason.

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  16. Just to clarify it's not my vid. Another user here created the tutorial. I just linked to it on my resource page

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  17. At T.J.N. I think it's just a popularity thing. DJI is a more recognizable brand (although autel makes better drones.) With popularity comes an increase in aftermarket parts.

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  18. That iTelite panel installation for the X-star looks to be a more involved PIA than the one I did on the Q500 ST-10+ radio. As for Frank @ Carolina Dronz standing behind it, I couldn't agree more. Back when I did do that install, I was having range issues. I emailed to ask, not only did Frank call himself, he sent a brand new ST10+ radio with an iTelite antenna installed by his shop for me to test to rule out the CGO3 WiFi being bad (which it was and Yuneec had to replace) at no charge. (Mine being the white antenna the test rig is the black one)

  19. Yup I have done quite a few ST10's in the last couple of years. Don't think I would want to be bothered by this install. Way to many steps for this old guy :)

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