Small crash big cuts.

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  1. I had a small crash with my drone and it's all my fault. 1st I used a new phone and never changed the return to home battery level setting. I was about 1 inch from the ground and the return to home kicked in started to take off. Well I was landing it in the garage that was mistake #2. When it hit the ceiling and came down it started to come at me so I pushed it down with my hand and it landed, that saved the drone but cut my hand up.
    Now everything seems fine with the drone and the propellers are fine. The only thing I can find wrong is I have some play in the motors. I can pull 2 of the shafts up a bit, it seems that the armature is pulling up but when you let go it goes back into place. Someone said that the bearings need to be replaced after sometime and you need to tighten them if they get loose, is that true? I have not tried to fly it until I know the motors are ok.
  2. I took the screws out from underneath the motor and looked at the bottom side to see what was going on. Both photos I took are from the two motors that have a bit of play in them, one a lot more then the other. Looks like everything is fine, they are just made with different shaft lengths.
    So if I wanted new ones what would be a better replacement?

    IMG_0834.JPG IMG_0835.JPG
  3. I just talked to some hobby guys and they say it's not good with that play in the shaft. So now I need to find the kv rating for the stock motors so I can buy some new ones.
  4. Good luck and keep us in the loop.
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  5. Well Autel makes it very easy to fix the gap but I learned on my own.
    1st remove the motor from under the led lights.
    2nd loosen the set screw under the blades on the shaft.
    3rd from the bottom side of the motor push the shaft in.
    4th while pushing the shaft in tighten the set screw and remount the motor.

    If you can pull up on the shaft or it has play in it you will want to do this fix. If you don't you will get vibrations and from what I hear it causes video recording problems.

    I'm still bugging autel for the kv rating because I still want to upgrade my motors but more for the looks.

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