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  1. Got my Autel Xstar Premium just before Christmas. Still a little nervous about going anywhere to fly it. Seems like there's lots of restrictions. and I don't think the drone has obstacle avoidance. Comments?
  2. The XSP does not have obstacle Avoidance. I wouldn't count on it if it did. I know DJI owners who have the latest models have flown into walls and trees thinking they "can't crash". I watched 1 owner fly into a tall pine tree testing it's obstacle avoidance system. The drone got stuck in the tree. He climbed to retrieve it, fell out and we called 911 for him. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and a bruised ego. The good news is that the drone survived. I flew it for a few minutes, then dropped it off at the hospital for him.

    As for the restrictions, be familiar with rules as as specified by the FAA. There are restricted flight areas that will get you in real trouble if you violate them. You can view them for your area online or mobile app.

    Here's one

    If you want to fly in one of the restricted areas, look them up on the map. You will see a phone number to call for each restricted area. They will want some info like location, time, elevation AGL etc.

    Have fun, Welcome to the community
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  3. Thanks. But I must say that you make it sound risky.
  4. I simply wouldn't rely on the obstacle avoidance system to stay out of the trees. Flying a drone of this caliber comes with responsibilities. Like driving a car
  5. I know of a DJI owner who has crashed two Phantom aircraft. Both of them are now in the ocean.
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  6. I feel your hesitancy! First, do check for airspace restrictions; I know that southern NM is full of them. (You can go to and see the VFR sectionals; they will show restricted airspace.) Then be at least 5 miles from an airport, or call the airport and tell them that you are flying. This is a notification, not a request for permission. And - start in an open field and stay away from trees. Fly squares and circles and figure eights, both with the aircraft pointing in the direction of the flight path, and then with the aircraft always pointing the same way (e.g. north.) Familiarize yourself with the failsafes so if something is not acting like you want it to you can stop until you get your mind around what you want to do and how you are going to do it. Pay attention to your battery level. Have fun - it’s a tough little aircraft!

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