Spare batteries ?

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  1. Where can batteries for the xstar premium be purchased ? I have searched the internet and cannot find any ! I have decided to purchase an xstar but not if i cannot buy xtra batteries !
  2. Lots of stores online, Frys Electronics has the best price in store that I have seen online.

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  3. I know Carolina dronz has them and I am pretty sure you can order one off the Aurel Robotics website.
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    The Autel store has been out of them, again, for quite a while. The Best Buy stores around here have them for $79.00.
  5. As of today, Autel has the orange batteries back in stock for $99.
  6. So they do! Must have just updated the site. I looked there for them just yesterday and they were listed as out of stock. Still, they're 20 bucks less at the Best Buy BUT, I wonder if the new ones from the Autel store have the firmware updated already?
  7. I purchased my last two batteries from Best Buy, since Autel and B&H (my other preferred source) were out of stock. They have the lowest price when they have them in stock, but from what I understand they don't ship them. You have to pick them up at the store, so if you don't have a store nearby you're out of luck. Also, the last one I bought was completely discharged, clearly they don't do any maintenance of batteries on the shelf. So far it seems fine, so hopefully no long term damage was done - it's never good for any battery to sit around in a discharged state. I guess time will tell. In my opinion, I'd spend the extra $20 to get them directly from Autel as long as they are available.
  8. That's good to know. I haven't had to buy a new battery yet but should I get one at a Best Buy, I'll have it checked first.
  9. Everyone has them now after a real drought as everyone has discovered. BB and Amazon have for $79.99 now. Just got mine delivered the other day.
  10. Is this Dave that lives or lived in Maui?
  11. I wish !! No its not,im from Northern Sask. ! Home of ice fishing,igloos,polar bears and all that cold stuff !lol !
  12. Oh,,knew a guy in Maui same name, underwater photographer,,also form CN,,

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