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  1. Compiled herein are the devices known to work with Autel's StarLink application for use with the X-Star Premium.

    If you have a device that you know works (you've tested it and it has full functionality), and it is not included on the list, please list it below. There is no need to respond if your device is already listed.

    Please include:
    * Device Name
    * Android or iOS and what version
    * Full Functionality, or partial (if partial, describe what works and what does not)

    The list on the first post will be updated as replies are made.

    Huawei Nexus 6P
    NVidia Shield K1

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  2. Trying to clean up this post to make it easier to get information that the OP was trying to do in the first place.
    There seems to be mixed reviews on some of the devices. From what I can tell it comes down to what android system you have installed and what version of Starlink you are running. So this list could change from time to time.

    Huawei Nexus 6P --> Android 6.0.1
    NVidia Shield K1
    Galaxy Tab A 2016, latest model SM-T580
    Shield K1 Android 6 (I've seen 2 examples of Starlink app glitches, but fully functions and lag free)
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android 6 (Snapdragon proc, 2016 model, snappy and haven't seen any Starlink app glitches)
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A model SM-T580 (10.1")
    LG 3G (Android Version 6.0)
    Verizon Galaxy Note 4
    iPad mini 1 Wifi, iPad mini 4 wifi, Samsung G5, iPhone 6+, and LG G5(The iPad mini 1 is on iOS 9.3.5, the iPad mini 4 is on iOS 10.5.0, the Samsung G5 is on Android 6.0.1, the LG G5 is on Android 7.0 Nougat, and the iPhone is on 10.2)
    2016 Galaxy tab A 8" SM-T350 Android 6.0.1
    2014 Galaxy Tab S
    Nvidia K1 shield (most popular)

    LG VK815 tablet android 6.0 (Everything works except camera settings)
    Samsung tablet A (Video stutters)
    stro Tab A (10.1" tablet and Starlink fails to launch)
    ZMAX Z970 Android 4.4.4 (fully functional phablet with Starlink app, but severe lag for FPV)
    LG G3 (running-Android 5.0.1-Lollipop-Partial functionality)
    Galaxy Tab S2 (Long long video drops depending on Starlink app)
    ASUS ME181c 8-inch Tablet - (Intel Atom Z3745 1.33GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB, Android 4.4)Hard to connect.
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    Nvidia shield K1 android 6- flew today at noon- took many photos, and some video- as far as the screen goes
    I observed absolutley No interference at all. Going to view the video and photos latter tonight. So far so good. And
    the screen size is just right- and not to heavy- also has speakers at both ends of the unit- so voice prompts where
    loud and clear- unlike the phone I used last week.
  4. I am guessing you meant to say "I observed absolutely "NO" interference at all.
  5. Edited for spelling.
    Thank you!!
    PS get one you'll love it!
  6. I had an old Dell Venue 8" tablet in a box in my closet. I factory reset and installed only Starlink and a couple other apps. Weather and flying related stuff. It has Android 4.4 (lol) and works flawlessly. I think if you can dedicate a tablet to the Starlink app it is the way to do it. Fits great in the case too.
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    I presume we would like to keep adding to the list? If so;

    Motorola Moto G4, running Android 7.0

    Full Function
  8. I'm using an Insignia 10" tablet running Android that I paid $80 for thru BestBuy. No problems.
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    Not sure if you should put it on the list but I have a Kindle Fire 7 inch 5th generation tablet that would only charge when plugged into the remote (would not show as connected and would not show the video), so I rooted it and loaded a custom Nexus 7 rom made just for this device and it worked.
    Build shows up as lp-fire-nexus-rom and Android version shows as 5.1.1.
    Not sure what you'd list it as lol.

    Edit: I would definately not recommend anyone do this as you may brick your tablet.
  10. I can add an ASUS 8" Zenpad model Z380M as compatible with the latest Starlink Android app.
  11. Just ran my Galaxy S7 last night. No issues whatsoever. Very smooth doing AEB shots, 4k, and running it through it's paces.
  12. What's a cheap tablet I can pickup with no bells and whistles that I can use with the Starlink App. I have an Iphone 7 plus and would rather have that handy for phone calls/texts/emails since a.) my phone case is too thick to fit in the holder and the port is covered, and b.) I don't want to have to take my phone out inbetween flights, etc. (Yes, of course I am not taking calls and texting during flights lol)
  13. See post #8.
  14. Gotta be careful running those Insignia tablets. There okay so long as you don't care if they update.
  15. Please explain? Computer idiot here. Thanks for any tips you pass on.
  16. I purchased the 8" insignia from best buy and the first thing I did after firing it up was to check for android updates. I don't remember exactly the procedure I went through or exactly what was displayed but the bottom line was it wouldn't update. Brought it back and had the geek squad look at it and they couldn't figure out either. Traded for the 10" insignia opened up at geek squad counter and this tablet did exactly the same thing. The problem is the tablet shows no connection when checking for updates. This was back in February/March this year. I ended up with a galaxy tab A works great just a little more spendy. I am sure the insignia is a fine tablet I just wanted something I can update in the future.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I too want something I can update. I'll steal my wife's Galaxy tab when she ain't lookin.

    I'm not married to any brand. Just want something that works long term.

    Thanks again for sharing the knowledge. :)
  18. Samsung tab s2 and Galaxy S7 is working well.
  19. I use a Kindle Fire HD 8, 6th gen, unlocked to allow the google app store. It works great other than the screen is a bit dim for my taste and had alot of glare. I installed a matte screen protector and a sunhood and I can use it in bright sunlight now.
  20. I always use a sunhood. And still sometimes find myself spinning around trying to find an angle that shades the screen better. Guess it's just part of it....

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