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  1. But, you are married to your wife. So be careful with that Galaxy Tablet :)
    Just kidding :)
  2. With any tablet or phone, you are able to touch the screen of your tablet/phone to control different things through Starlink. How could you touch your screen and operate any screen controls with that box?
  3. I have an iPad 2 that I can't connect to the xsp, is it because like me it's old and past it's best or am I doing something wrong? The app fires up but I get the grey screen of death. I have an iphone 7 that works as it's supposed to but would like something with a bigger screen. Probably end up going down the android road but would like to stick with my trusty iPad if possible.
  4. Which version of iOS are you running? Starlink requires at least 8.0. I believe the iPad 2 could be upgraded up through iOS 9.
  5. Running IOS 9.3.5.
  6. 39E3B977-A678-4EDD-9C9A-69FBEE7B0D3A.jpeg
  7. Do you have a different cable you can try? Any connectivity issues I've had so far were due to using a non-Apple lightning cable. I know your iPad 2 uses the 30-pin cable, maybe the connector is worn? I don't know why, but Starlink connectivity seems real touchy; the non-Apple cables I have seem to work just fine for charging, connecting to the computer, etc., but are not reliable with the app. Maybe just me, I think others have had no problems. Anyway, that's about the only other suggestion I can think of. Hope you can get it figured out, I really like the iPad's large screen size when flying the XSP.
  8. I use a Galaxy Tab A. Big enough to have a usable screen but small and light enough to fit on the transmitter with out needing a floor jack to hold it up. Bought it on sale for $150. I use it mostly for just my XSP. It perfectly fits in the left slot of the hard case. Never had a problem with it. Truth be told, I had to buy it because I have an old note 2 for a phone and the app doesn't work on it.
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  9. I have four cables and I get the same result with them all. I might just buy a cheap android tablet. Thanks for the great suggestions, much appreciated.
  10. I was using a Galaxy Tab E I got from Sprint for free on a promotion, its an 8x5 inch with Android 7.1 or something. Works great, made my own hood from cardboard and painted it flat black. Yeah, sun is always a problem especially as I also wear polarized sunglasses all the time and cant see for shit anymore so I got some sunglasses readers at amazon.
    (I highly recommend these if you "older folks" need a little assistance in the reading close up area as I do. )
    But then I hooked up my iPad model MD510LL/A running iOS 10.3.3, wow, guess the Galaxy will stay in the case for a backup. Big difference in picture, vividness and brightness, not to mention size wise, its about 9 1/2" x 7 1/2". That seems to be the extent of the pad holder on the controller. Enjoy,
  11. Lenovo Moto G4 Plus

    Lenovo Tab 10
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 10.1-in works well. Fits in the left slot of the case perfectly. Anything bigger would be too tall for the lid to close properly. It fits into the holder on the controller perfectly as well. I experienced no video stuttering or StarLink "reboots" as I had with my Galaxy Tab A, 7 which, this larger tablet replaces. The 10.1-in is running Android 7.0 while the 7-in was 5.0.1. I must add that the Tab A, 7-in did work but not as well (IMO). The larger screen of the 10.1-in is great for older eyes too... like mine!

    EDIT: I'd like to note that I don't notice much weight difference between the 10.1, 8, or the 7 inch Galaxy tablets. I was surprised at how little there was between my 7-inch to the 10.1-inch.
  13. I was going to ask about the weight difference. The larger screen always helps with the older eyes that some of us have

    Edit: I am just not sure about the price, because I would only be using it for XSP

  14. I bought mine for $229.99 at Best Buy just a week ago. The 8-inch version was $179.99 and would also be a good choice. Running StarLink for the XSP is about all I'm using it for also.
  15. Starlink will not work with 30 pin connector.
  16. I'm not sure I understand. My tablet has a 40 pin connector but the other end is just a regular usb and it works fine. Should be the same with the 30 pin.
  17. My ASUS Zenpad works ver well and has a nice display.
  18. Are you talking about the apple 30 pin cable?
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