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  1. Is anyone having issues with Starlink App loosing connection after taking pictures? It's happened about 6 or 7 times now. I'm using AEB mode 3 shot. I'm about 100ft up 400ft out. I take the picture and it won't connect again to take more pictures. The circle around the camera just spins and never resets. I have maybe 12 pictures on a 64gb card. 18 sats, KP index 2
  2. Not here...I shoot AEB all the time.

    What device are you using? IOS? Android?

    Have you contacted AR support?
  3. I'm using IOS (ipad mini 2),
    No not yet but I will

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    Here are three options...

    First, remove the gimble from the XStar then put it back on, make sure it is on and secure.
    Test Starlink and see if this fixes your issue.

    second, reboot your iPad MINI (complete reset) shut down all apps. Then hold HOME and POWER button together until you see the Apple logo.
    Test Starlink after the reboot and see of this fixes your issue

    Third, delete the app, re-download it and start again.

    Hopefully one of these works, if not, contact Autel Support.
  5. Ok I will try all that, thanks

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