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  1. There is a lot of discussion as to what tablets and phones work best with Autel Starlink. I think it would be useful to have a sub-Forum in which each topic/thread could be a specific device, with posts within the topic/thread reporting who's using or has used that device and how well it worked.
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  2. Agreed. Especially as the list from Autel seems to be inaccurate at worst and at best incomplete. It may be useful for us to compile a master list of devices known to work (by our own research). Perhaps a sticky thread in the aforementioned "Starlink" sub-forum.
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  3. I agree. I tried an older i pad and a new acer tablet and both did not work well. After seeing so many people post on the Autel groups on FB, I purchased the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet. It works very well. Good video feed and no loss of the video feed so far. I highly recommend it.
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  4. I use the Nvidia K1 tablet - smooth as butter so far
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  5. If you like the idea of having a "Starlink Devices" sub-forum, click the Like button on that post. I was browsing the account profile and learned that I can get a "trophy" is enough people like it. More importantly, it's an easy way to support the idea, easier than composing a reply.
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  6. Perhaps as we wait, we should at least begin generation of our own Thread listing known working devices. I'd be happy to curate it as replies are made. Will add to the "XSP" sub-forum for now.
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  8. Why do you think it would be too much? To reinforce my earlier point, Starlink device compatibility applies equally, or almost equally, to both the X-Star and XSP.

    The idea is to have a separate thread for every device so that it is easy to find information on how well that device works with the X-Star. The "Starlink Devices" Forum listing would appear as a list of devices.
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