Sudden battery level drop

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Don Lewis, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Anyone have any info on this happening. I called Autel and am waiting for them to send me an email with diagnostic info.

    It happened twice with two differwnt batteries today. The first time I was over the hillside and it came home around 40+% and wouldn't allow override or anything then initiated landing after the battery dropped from 38 to 8%. Problem was it was now back to me not over the hill and was at 1300+ft. I was only a couple hundred feet over the hill. It decended to 525ft and then powered off causing it to fall. Luckily it fell into a tree then mulch. There don't seem to be any damage to the XSP. I then flew with my other battery to test it and it dropped from 58% to critical and landed from only a few feet luckily this time.

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  2. Had that issue with one battery and I believe after reading other people having the same problem is, not taking off with a fully charged battery. Mine had sat for two or more weeks before I used it. I had charged it fully before putting it away, by they deplete themselves after a week. The % of charge when taking off isn't reflected correctly and you get a sudden drop in voltage.
  3. I would think that but I had just charged both batteries fully. And it happened to both just today, never before.

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  4. Its been said that the smart chip and the Autel firmware work together. So after 20 or so flights you are suppose to discharge them till the quad will not take off any more. This kind of resets the limits in the firmware. DJI smart batteries do the same. Its in the manual someplace about discharging every so often but when I went back to find it i couldn't so I just said I have better things to do :)

    Here is a video by Simon about the DJI batteries, same stuff basically

  5. Interesting. I guess that's an theory of what happened. Kind of odd it would happen to both batteries like it did though.

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  6. Just guessing as these smart batteries are new to me. Been around Lipos a long time but never these smart batteries or maybe I should say not so smart :)
    Let us know if you figure anything out.
  7. Definitely will do. It's my first experience too.

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