Sunrise on Thunder Bay Harbour on Lake Superior -21°C\-6°F

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Agustine, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. This morning I drove my son into town for school and loaded up the XSP. Knowing tomorrow it is suppose to snow and today was bright and sunny I thought I would go to the Thunder Bay harbour for some sunrise pictures. Being -21°C\-6°F I spent very little time in the air. Did manage to get some pictures and this very short video. The lesson today is make sure you have your camera settings where you want them. I want to have JPegs & Raw but forgot to set that so I just ended up with jPegs.

  2. Looks good. I really like you skill in your intro and your last section. Also great footage.

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  3. Thank You
    I just like playing around with Adobe After Effects to make intros and outros if that,s what they are called.
    Getting some good video from the XSP is still high on my list. Waiting for some warmer weather so I can control the sticks better will help.
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  4. Jagerbomb52
    Nice vid! How do you post images into a thread. I tried a couple of ways but the only way I could get to work was put the link to the photo from my google drive.
  5. What settings are you using? Are you going auto or Manual? Been playing around a lot with settings but not very pleased with them, looks grainy when I try manual
  6. Photos can be uploaded to the site by using the upload a file icon but there is a size limit. Look at this post to help with the size limit.

    As for my settings its been to cold for me to play with them in manual so I just use auto and adjust the ev wheel on the side of the controller to try and keep it in line.
    Can'r wait for spring as this cold weather flying sucks :)

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