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  1. Hello,

    I have a Shield K1 8" tablet. There are a bunch of sunshades out there (I was browsing on Amazon). I'd love to get some recommendations from those that have the K1 and use a sunshade.



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  2. Good to know. I was thinking of making one out of carbon fiber i already have...concerned about it being a signal barrier so near the antennas though.
  3. Ya- but add one to your cart- shows like $20,00 shipping!
  4. I have a Samsung Tab A. I used cardboard to fabricate one. It is all one piece then folded I used a hot glue gun to hold in place after folded. It works great but doesn't look the greatest. The only problem I have it doesn't fold flat.
  5. Lots of homemade sun shades out there, they don't have to look great as long as they work.
    I converted one I had from one of my Yuneec quads. I just added velcro to it and it installs in seconds plus I can flip it up if need be. It also folds to go into the case.
    I saw a guy on facebook the other day take his battery box that he just got in the mail and made it into a sunshade for his smartphone LOL. Like I said as long as it works.
  6. The shade is $18 and then $17 (!) for UPS Ground.

    For those that have the Autel one, how does it adjust to fit all the way up to a 10" tablet? I have the 8" K1.

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  7. Here's what I use-[​IMG]
    For Nvidia Shield K1.
    Might paint inside flat black.
    It just slips over the edges.
    Perfect Fit.

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