Table of Current Firmware Versions (XSP)

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  1. Hello,

    I apologize if the document exists...I searched and was unable to find one. There are so many individual components that have their own firmware. Is there a comprehensive list of all of the current firmware versions?


  2. Hmmm, seems odd that there is no documentation showing the current/correct firmware versions.

    One of the reasons for my question is that before my first flight, I followed the instructions to download and install the latest firmware. I didn't really take note of each individual firmware version as it was happening but I *think* it actually downgraded the "Sonar" firmware from v0.0.9.5 to v0.0.9.4. Unfortunately, without any point of reference, I'm not sure if it downgraded or not.

    I did find another thread where someone mentioned that AR support sent the v0.0.9.5 version of the Sonar to him/her via e-mail so that reinforces what I think I saw happen with mine.

    Anyway, maybe others can compare their firmware versions to mine. Here is the full list of components and my current firmware version...

    Camera v0.0.0.041
    Flight Control v1.08.42
    DSP v0.01.43
    Repeater v1.01.43
    Gimbal v2.0.3.3
    Remote Controller v1.0.0.44
    Battery v5.21
    Gimbal Bootloader v0.5.2.4
    Gimbal Electronic Speed Control - Pitch v0.0.7
    Gimbal Electronic Speed Control - Roll v0.0.7
    Gimbal Electronic Speed Control - Yaw v0.0.7
    Optical Flow v0.6.4.0
    Sonar v0.0.9.4
    5.8G RF Receiver v1.0.2.5
    5.8G RF Transmitter v1.0.2.5
    Transfer Board v1.0.2.5
    ESC1 v0.0.6.2
    ESC2 v0.0.6.2
    ESC3 v0.0.6.2
    ESC4 v0.0.6.2

    I did go ahead and open a ticket with support yesterday but have not heard back yet.

    Thanks for any help.
  3. Mine is identical to yours except for the following:
    DSP v0.01.47
    Sonar v0.0.9.5

    When I spoke with support a couple months back they mentioned Flight Control firmware 1.08.42 was firmware version 1.32 which is the latest and greatest. They also said the firmware available for download (1.13 I think) on the Autel site was a mistake and that 1.32 should be the one up there.
  4. I just opened my refurbished XSP the other day and tried to update the firmware but I kept getting "failed" on the Sonar and Optical Flow modules. I tried deleting the bin file and redownloading it to the SD card and got the same result 3 times. Emailed Autel and they said it was failing because the firmware was already up to date. I was expecting that exact message "firmware up to date" and not "failed". I took it for its first maiden voyage and was pleased with the flight, controls, video quality, everything.

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