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Discussion in 'EVO / EVO 2' started by Robert Wortner, May 9, 2018.

  1. I'm wondering if a iPad mini 4 would fit on the EVO controller. Thank you.
  2. Probably, but your best answer would come directly from Autel. Give them a call (don't email).
  3. Thank you for your reply, will do.
  4. Please put their response here as many might have the same question.

  5. Ok, I just got an e-mail responds from Craig with Autel confirming, a iPad mini 4 would fit. The controller accepts devices up to 6" high, the iPad is 5.3 " high
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  6. Thanks Robert, I have a SHIELD tablet that is 5" x 8", should be ok.
  7. Thanks Robert. That is good info for anyone having a itablet, Android Tablet or a phone. Thanks for the time you took to get the information! :)
  8. No problem, let's hope we'll get a hand on the EVO soon.
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  10. Why would you pay 24 bucks to hold a tablet when all you need is this and the can be printed for pennies?

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  11. Seeing that Frank is giving them away with every purchase of the EVO I don't need one
    Thanks anyways
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  13. Do you print them DronePilot? Will you sell them, how many pennies?
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  15. nope, I have a shield too, IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2659.JPG no way it fits. I just got a Carolina Drone adapter, not making me warm and fuzzy, the shield is to thick for it to hold securely, not going to risk it. I had an extension I purchased for an iPad2 for the Inspire that worked well with it and I don't need anymore as the iPad 2 just doesn't hang with DJI GO so maybe I'll paint it black, keep in mind that the shield is a tight fit with this adapter, how could it ever fit without it?

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  16. Carolina Drones is a class act. I think their iPad adapter is perfect with a thin tablet like an iPad mini, I have one up for grabs, if you want it, PM me.
  17. What about the cost of a 3-d printer? Pennies???

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