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  1. My X-Star premium will be here in a few days, and I wanted to ask a question. I currently have an old Samsung Tab 2 10.1. I was able to download and install the starlink app ok, but not sure it will work when the drone actually arrives. Has anyone had any luck using the inexpensive tablets that can be found at Walmart such as the RCA etc. Thanks for any info.

  2. Your Tab 2 will be fine.
  3. Well that makes me feel better. Thanks. I now have to try and make a dyi sun hood cause this tablet outside is not readable. Thanks again.

  4. I just got my XSP on Friday. I used a Digital 7" tablet from Best Buy. It was on sale for $39, regular price is $49. Working great so far.

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  5. Damn spell check, thar was a Digiland tablet

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  7. I had the same question not long ago. I have been using the iPad mini 2 and its great. I have a phone but I find it way to small.
  8. Well since I started this thread, I wanted to do a quick update. The good news is my drone arrived today. YAY. The bad news is that my Galaxy Tab 2 will not work. Although the app installed fine, it will connect to the drone, but it locks up and not all of the icons (camera settings etc) will not display properly. So, I will be off to Best Buy for either the Digiland or Insignia tablets. Thanks to all who tried to help.

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  9. I would look for an Apple product, a MINI if you want to save some $$. The Apple products with Starlink are rock solid.

    Your choice!

    The invidia Shield K1 also seems to be a good choice for less than 200.000
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    Please tell me you didn't buy the tab S 2. I just picked up a tab S 8.5" for 350.00 today and have not yet tried it. I was using the iPad mini 2 but I couldn't record what was on the screen so I got the tab S for its very bright screen.
  11. I was originally using a Galaxy Tab S 8.5 in. and it worked great, then I dropped it and shattered the screen. I replaced it with the same size Galaxy Tab S 2, it works just as well, screen recording and all.
  12. Using the same. It does ok. I made a hood to help out. Getting a Nvidia soon.
  13. Recieved my Nvidia K1. Very nice piece. Only a couple flights but like it. Ordered a screen shield.
  14. No issues with 8" Samsung Tab A. A pack of black poster board for 6 bucks will make 10 sunshades, but golf cart shade is the best.
  15. Hello everyone,

    I have a X-Star Premium and was initially using an original iPad Mini with. However last weekend, I took drone out and noticed about 4-5 seconds of video lag. Called tech support (A+) and they told me the mini was a bit underpowered. So, I went and bought a Galaxy A 7", but the video quality was not the best. Exchanged it for a Galaxy S2 and have yet to try. I am an Apple guy, but the pricing on the Mini led me to the samsung. The tab will be used for drone ops and not much else. Any other suggestions? $300 on the Tab S2 still makes me a bit nervous. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Flew with the Nu Shield AA this morning. Great addition to the Nvidia Screen. Glare was cut way back. I even removed my glare shield. like it.
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    How does the glare compare between the Digiland and the S2. While the Digiland works good, it does get lots of glare even with a sun shade.

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    Well I can tell you my iPad mini worked well I thought, but its the older version and it was my company's tablet. So after looking at the new iPad mini and the Samsung 8" tab S I decided on the tab S for its brighter screen. I have not had one problem with the tab S and I also record the screen as I'm flying so that's 2 apps running with no problems. I don't think you can go wrong with the tabS.
    Here is the case I got for the tabS, it fits great in the controller.
  19. Hello, I am new to this, so please excuse my ignorance. 1st 5 flights went well. I had all functions with app. The only problem was I could not get the map to display. I tried all 3 choices, during each flight, with no luck. Did I miss Something? Everything else work perfect. Using Galaxy 2 tablet. Thankmyou
  20. You need to go to settings and turn it on

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