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  1. I'm curious to know what tablet most people. I have a Tab A. Even with hoods in the daylight it is adequate at best. I honestly have not been able to actively "compose" a shot. Most of the time I'm shoot in the dark during the day. What are you using?

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  2. I have a Tab A as well, during the day I also have the option for outdoors checked with a hood it is Ok but if it is really bright, still a issue for me, I read another post about how most hoods are at a right angle, where with a custom homemade one you could actually set the angle smaller to prevent any direct sun or glareback.

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  3. I use a cheap Indigo 10" tablet with sun shield. I get by. As someone earlier mentioned in a different thread, wearing a dark colored shirt helps. :)

    Although I've never tried it, wonder if holding the RC above eye level and tilting it downward for view would eliminate glare when you just can't find the right spot.

    Usually I can move around until I find a suitable location.
  4. Someday I should like to try using a tablet instead of my phone. I recently received a hood from Autel and have high hopes for it as long as the Sun is not at my back. Unfortunately, my prescription sunglasses are polarized, which won't work with an LED screen. Kind of a high-class problem, since none of this existed not too far into the past. Not always convenient, but I try to organize my flying in the early morning hours. Not so darn hot either!
  5. I fly when the subject is available. I struggle with this a lot. I've not heard any solutions. Think it's just part of the game.

    Someone on here posted a pic and a "shade" that included a bottom. So you basically looked into a square tube. I asked how deep it was and never heard a response. Probably not a valid solution.
  6. Yesterday I purchased this on Amazon where they had good reviews but of course another thing to organize before flying. Suppose to get it next week sometime as I hope as the reviews mentioned it eliminates all reflection even with the sun directly overhead. If you guys want I can tell you how good it is or the cons if applicable.
    Good Luck
  7. Hi Normex,

    I own this model of Hoodman hood. I use it with an Asus 8” tablet. I have two small complaints when using it. One, the top edge curls in a bit, which can cause some of the flight data on the top to get blocked. Two, the Asus Micro USB plug is in an odd place making it a pain to connect with the hood on.
  8. Ok thanks but I own a Nvidia Shield tablet and the micro USB is slightly off center, I was thinking of some slight modification when I get it like removing the existing straps and sewing in good quality Velcro Straps, do you think it is feasible with this construct ?
  9. Should be doable.
  10. I've seen this and am anxious to hear how well it works.

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  11. Hi Mtron, in my instance it is a not to be without as even in full sun I get not any reflection, when I fly now I always use it.
    Of course it is cumbersome to install properly and I did some modifications to the straps converting them to Velcro but with the final result it's all worth it for me.
    I don't know with this link if you see allusion to delivery in Canada, it would not apply to you.
    If you decide to get one, try it with the existing straps first, you know we can provide assistance.

    Good Luck

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  12. I fabricated myself a "hoodman". I'll get to test it in detail this weekend at the dragstrip. If it is as effective as it seems I'm certainly buying a Hoodman.

    I'm a detail freak when shooting video or taking pics. Sometimes during bright sunlight I just have to guess. Okay when taking pics, just take a bunch of em. Not okay when videoing. :(
  13. You will see you will definitively will buy one and probably do my Velcro mod as well and your pics will be as you intended to be "picture perfect since you are in control and not the reflection. When in my twenties we used to go to the Sanair yearly drags with funny cars and the like, If I recall right the better ones were doing the quarter mile in 6.5 sec. . It was crazy scary so I envy you for this weekend and hoping you will get nice weather. I don't know if you tried the Orbit feature yet with your XSP but it would be handy for a weekend like this, the reason being I practice some just 1/2hr ago and it was very nice, I had set it up on the aircraft so I just flew it say above the house with a 125 ft Radius at 68 feet high and it did a perfect circle around the house. Will post the vid with the Du recorder.

    Take Care
  14. I use a iPad mini
  15. Here is the video for my Orbit flight last night, I had to do some extensive cuts to it with Shotcut the video editor of my choice. It is shot around my house and although far from perfect,
    it is a good practice video without narration. When I land at the end I had my thumb set on the lower left and I was lucky I didn't break a prop.

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  16. Did the drone tip over on landing? That is what happened to mine a few times and why I catch it by hand to prevent tipping over.
  17. Almost did, it slid to the rock edge and barely tipped and cut some plants.....was lucky, it was very brisk last night when I flew and with MS If I cool down too much or heat up as well, I have difficulty being fluid in my movements....just have to be more careful.
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    Hi Rick, before you get a Hoodman, there is one thing I would recommend strongly and it is to get a Matte protective layer for your screen. Being not expensive it is a must have as I flew this morning having my small umbrella and I could see very well my screen and iit was sunny today. Give me your exact screen size to see if I can find one to match yours but if not I could find a larger one which you could cut the proper size with an Exacto knife. If I recall correctly you mentioned you had your Autel Sun Hood and it could be the difference combined with the Matte protector. Lets go in baby steps on that one and see how it goes if you agree.

    This is the company that supplied mine and the link below will most likely fit yours and as you can see the price is right."+tablet

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