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  1. Is it safe to fly at temps below 40 degrees?

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  2. 36 deg today and I flew one battery. Starlink app said battery was cold and just wanted me to hover but I flew it anyway, works for me. BTW, battery cold warning was on the entire flight at about the 10min time left remaining mark I checked the battery temp and was 64 deg. I don't think I will fly any colder.
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  3. I've had the xstar premium up there in cold temperatures. I don't think I have gone below 0F degrees but it has been cold enough that my fingers were getting too cold to work the controls and I had to bring it down. Everything else worked just fine. Took lots of winter pictures of the farm including this foggy morning shot. MAX_0021.JPG
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  4. That’s good to know. I want to take video of a Christmas candlelight they have every year in my home town.

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  5. Very nice pic Roosty6.
  6. Roosty6:
    Looks like Antarctica (said a desert dweller)... nice shot!

    Look at 63 - 65 in X star user manual for Autel's recommended temperatures.
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  7. I warmed my batteries up in my truck defroster for 5 mins or so, not really hot, just warm and flew in 27 degrees with no hover warm up time and had great flying. I also cut the thumb, index finger and middle fingers out of a pair gloves to work the remote. Excellent! no more cold hands flying in winter such as it is here in Oregon. Now rain,,thats a different matter all together, ha,

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