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  1. Thanks so much to all of you, for your kindness comment's about my latest vidéos .
    Before my Holidays in my familly, on the edge Atlantic coast near the city of Bordeaux France !
    a little flight, one more time, above the Rhône river, with a great Hans Zimmer soundtrack (Pacific) from Pearl Harbor movie ...
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  2. C'est merveilleux!
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  3. Very nice, and clear river, I thought the Rhone was much bigger.
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  4. The Rhône river is the biggest river in France, he was born in Swiss Alpes
    The river that you see is the original Rhone, which was tamed, because of the enormous floods, you can not sail on it, it was separated in two parts a few kilometers before, to allow the big boat to sail and the 2 Parties meet afterwards, to descend to the Mediterranean sea!
    We see it in the video.
    i hope that you understand my poor English
    Merci d'aimer mon travail !! j'apprécie, meme si nous ne sommes pas nombreux .....
  5. Merci d'écrire en Français .... I Like that !!
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  6. Very nice video Sir!
  7. Merci beaucoup !!
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  8. thank you so much..
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  9. Super video Francis! Very nice editing, music track & choice of scenes. A job very well done!
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  10. Merci Beaucoup "ORANGE Cruch " thank you so much from France ..

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