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    1 A Windows app. We're going to need a bigger chip.
    2 A reversing camera. A little 360 cam at the back. It could pop up on screen when we're not moving forward.
    3 A tiny whoop type indoor flyer that binds to the xsp controls!
    4 Different propellers. It's a noisy sucker, some six bladed props would hush it down when you need it quite.
    5 A noise cancelling mic. See above. It would be great to get some sound.
    6 Twin fpv cameras for stereoscopic vision.
    7 Goggles! Designed by Autel Robotics for xsp's, and whatever comes next...
    Speaking of goggles, I recently got some Tovsto's. if you haven't tried goggles yet, I recommend you do it asap. It transforms the experience!!
    A long video of my third flight with the Tovsto's,

  2. I'll be happy with the "proposed" controller with tablet built in.

    As to 360 camera, that's also proposed.
  3. I quit after 30 seconds of your video. IMHO you gotta get to the point first, then show personal stuff like drinking coffee. :)
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    Tough crowd... Lol
  5. It might seem like a tough crowd but he's being honest with his opinion. Being a YouTube content creator myself, you want the audience to watch your entire video. You only have a few seconds to "hook" the viewer. If they lose interest in those few seconds they're going to click to the next video. Short videos that are to the point work best. Long boring videos don't work in today's" gotta have it now " crowd.

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