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Discussion in 'General' started by Buglover, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I love my xstar but.....I am thinking seriously about the dji spark as a more portable option and another drone in the mix. The xstar sometimes is a tad big to travel with and the set up time is a little more than I want. I wish Autel would come out with a smaller model. I know it would beat the pants off dji' offerings.
  2. Friend of mine has a Mavic. I've not heard of a Spark?

    Keep us informed of whatever you decide.
  3. Ordered the spark from Amazon. Tried to order it direct but my credit card fraud warning stopped my transaction so I cancelled the order and just used Amazon. Same price, more secure.
  4. Anxious to hear about it and see it!!!
  5. I was thinking about a Spark as a second drone, but didn’t like the idea of limited resolution and 2-axis gimbal. Instead, I picked up a second-hand XSP to supplement my 1st. Just got it today, so I now have Taz (drone 2) to supplement Marvin (drone 1). I figure that if I do something stupid, at worst I’ll have spare parts for the drone left standing...
  6. I think I'll eventually get a second. I'd stick with the XSP for the same reason.
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  7. Yeah, i thought the same thing. I could not say that X-Start Premium is that portable. Sometimes in some occasionally situations i need one which is smaller. But i am really broke right now and guess have to find another cheap one as second drone.
  8. So I have the spark finally and have flown it a few times. I will have to say it's amazing. It is super stable and I can have it in the air in a minute or two. The only bad thing I can say about it so far is that the battery time is too short. But the batteries are cheap so no biggie yet. I ordered the hubsan h501s too. Haven't gotten it yet.
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  9. What do you think about picture and video quality ?
  10. BBDE1709F222FF8113A909756B785976.jpg I'm trying to upload a video
  11. The video and picture quality is is really good. The only way it has the xstar beat picture wise is up close selfie type photos are much clearer. The Autel video is amazing though.
  12. So if only buying one which would it be x Star or spark
  13. And educate us to the differences please. Thanks!!!
  14. they both have there uses. The xstar is a awesome bulletproof platform. It's hard to transport and the set up time is much longer. The spark has obstacle avoidance and if you are in a place where you want a fast set up and little attention it's the one for you. It has a short battery life and doesn't have the distance capability of the xstar. But batteries are cheap. The spark is more useful for me but the xstar is still awesome.
  15. I can't say which one to pick, it depends on how you fly really.
  16. And the close up picture quality of the spark is better, but it is called a selfie drone. The video quality is on par at 1080 but it doesn't have 4K. I don't use 4K on the xstar because of the upload times and whatnot so....

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