This & other anti-drone jamming & intercept systems are illegal under federal law:

Discussion in 'News' started by X-Starman, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. At least they seem primarily interested in triggering return homes rather than abducting & confiscating but obviously the system has those capabilities as well.
  2. I think that as more and more drone manufacturers bake into their firmware some sort of consistently updated data (based upon a collective of area data from all drone manufacturers) regarding prohibited airspace and locales and it keeps drones from flying into these areas, then there will be less and less need for products and companies like apollo shield..

    If the drone industry can manage themselves while promoting safe and responsible usage, then that is one less issue for law enforcement to deal with...

    Now if only the manufacturers can control those drone fliers that are not being safe and responsible, that would indeed be a feat.

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