Tiffen Aerial Filter Kit

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  1. Hi - my drone hasn't even arrived but I want to make sure I have everything I need. What is the purpose/value of the Tiffen Aerial Filter kit? Also - there are other brands that fit this camera that are much less expensive, any experience with those? thanks.
  2. Following this thread. I don't have any filters but see (pun intended) the need. Curious to hear opinions.
  3. I do have the Tiffen filter kit mine came with four filters and to be honest I am not sure why I bought it. I am very much a armature when it comes to photography and although it does make a difference from one filter lens to another (and one of the lenses is a polarizing lens (I hove no idea what this is)). The XSP takes great pictures with just the stock lens cover on the camera so IMO maybe hold off a bit before purchasing the lenses and try taking pictures with the camera as is.
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  4. There are many explanation videos on youtube on the pro's of ND filters. Are they necessary for the hobbiest? No. If you are aspiring photographer/videographer or even a weekend warrior they are necessary for video as well as photos. Limiting the light hitting the sensor on very sunny days makes editing photos much easier in any sort of post editing as it brings the content to more "neutral" instead of being washed out from the light. Gives you much more wiggle room and ability to edit the perfect shot in programs such as lightroom.
  5. Here you can just see a side by side of no filter vs the different levels of ND filters. There is no post editing in these, just raw files.

    It makes editing the final cut much easier when you don't have to try and take out all the white washing from the sensor being blown out by the sun.
  6. Good stuff Itch!!! Thank you very much for posting this!!!
  7. Thanks Itch. I'm leaning toward the photo\video side of "dronership". Hah, new word I think!! I was taking photos of a family members graduation and filters would have made a big difference I think. Nice to see the side by side comparison to show what the filters do. Even at an amateur level it would improve picture quality. Think I'll look into them. Great job, Great information.
  8. Glad it helped lay it out. You can't go wrong with any of the recommended filters. Personally I've always used Polar pro Vivid collection on past and current cameras. On sunny days I'll always use at least ND8, if not ND16. There are other videos on how to properly orient the filter as rotating the lens around will give different effects on the camera.
  9. ND's act much in the same way as the exposure compensation already available on the unit. ND4 is like EV -1, ND8 is EV -2, and ND16 is EV -3. The reason to have them is when you want to use manual exposure settings that cannot be compensated for using camera settings with EV settings alone.

    Itch, I'm a little confused by the orientation comment. With the polarizer, sure, but with the ND's it shouldn't matter unless the they are graduated ND's which usually only cover 1/2 the filter with the intention of allowing you to darken a bright sky while allowing the ground to be exposed normally. I can see how that would be useful but I expect that they would be labeled as such.
  10. The polar pro Vivid series are ND and PL in one. These particular ones, which are the only ones I use do need oriented. I keep forgetting not all of them have the built in polarizers.
  11. Ah, makes sense. I assumed you were talking about the Tiffen kit on the site.

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