Touched Screen, Camera Settings Changed

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  1. Flying around the other day, I was trying to point out a row of crops to a friend that was watching. When I touched the screen of my Android device, the camera settings seemed to have changed. I saw what looked like a red box pop up where I had touched, but didn't get a good look at it.

    Is there any way to keep this from happening and better yet, a way to change it back in future instances?

  2. I turn, paused for a bit, touched the screen and it changed on me.
  3. Often when you touch the screen, the exposure will adjust to optimize for that spot. For example, if you are facing the sun, with the gimbal at 0 degrees, the ground will tend to be pretty dark. Touch the ground and it will get lighter, while the sky will be much brighter. You can lock the automatic exposure by touching the top icon on the camera display. It consists of "AE" followed by a padlock that shows whether it's locked or not.
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