Trackimo 3G TRK-010

Discussion in 'General' started by Slimjimtell, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. has anyone tested the 3G model TRK-010. Apparently Trackimo is getting ready to release an update that will allow this Trackimo to be Bluetooth as well as 3G. I would guess for more pinpoint accuracy.

    Price is 189.00 on their site. Cannot find this model anywhere else for less.

    TRK-100 2G (not sure about Bluetooth)
    TRK-010 3G and Bluetooth
  2. I had the 2G, would not work in my area. We only have 3G&4G so I had to return it. The 3G was not out back then or else I would have bought that one. Not sure if it would be worth my while getting another one. Thinking about it, in any direction is heavy bush. If the quad takes off I would never be able to get to it anyways :) Forest Ranger Bob I am not LOL
  3. i think thats the lowest price offered for their 3G model. i got also their 3G at the same price.

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