Transmitter/Controller Battery Life

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  1. How long, that is, about how many months or years of service can be expected from the transmitter battery? I know it depends on how often the controller is used but, we can see how the drone's batteries can fade in capacity to hold charge over time so, what about the controller. Autel does not have replacement batteries for the controller as does Yuneec. I asked customer service about this and did not get a definitive answer other than to send the unit in for repair if I were having problems with it. I'm not since mine is new but at some point the battery must start to diminish.

    For those who have had the X-Star for a year or so and have flown often, have you noticed you are charging more often than before? Does anyone know of any battery replacement options should it become necessary?
  2. Think it's a 1s 1400 mAh. So, whatever you can fit in the case, when the time comes, will work. If it cant fit inside, just get one with a jst connector on it, connect a mating jst connector to a pigtail wired into the controller, and Velcro the battery to the back of the controller.
  3. Both use Lithuim batteries. The life of a lithium battery is determined more by the number of times that it is charged and recharged, rather then by an amount of time.
  4. I suspect you'll have moved on to the next generation of photography drones, before you need to worry about it anyway. I fly alot, and have about 1 1/2 yrs on it. No noticeable drop yet.
  5. Well my battery is loosing power faster then I like. So does anyone knows what battery goes into the remote control and how to change it?

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