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  1. has anyone traveled with their drone on an airplane using the hard case? if so how did the case and drone hold up? thanks
  2. I've traveled with it as carry on. No problems although, I would never check it in with other baggage. Although a nice would never hold up. I've seen the the way the baggage handlers throw crap around and might never see it again.
  3. says it should fit in the overhead storage??
  4. Just to be on the safe side. Depending what airlines you are flying on....check their website. I flew on Southwest. HAWAIIAN and Alaskan. No issues
  5. did you check it or carry on?
  6. Carry on. Overhead.
  7. thanks - i have photo equipment that i usually carry on , so i'll have to figure out which one i'm go to check . autel says they are strong enough for check in but with the big autel robotics plastered on the side , i'm a little leary of getting it back.

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