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  1. I heard if you fly a drone over someone's house they can shoot it down. Is it considered trespassing in some places? Have you heard of people shooting them down? This might just be a rumor, anyone?
  2. I'd not heard that before! I guess it makes sense though, you don't know who's watching you. I think it might be quite dangerous to start trying to shoot things out of the air though.
  3. Yes, it's kind of an invasion of privacy, if you think about it. You have this device that you can control, with a built in microphone and camera, flying through windows and seeing what other people do in their lives. Wouldn't you be offended too? It's a breach of personal space, and I can completely understand it if people would freak out about it, even if it is just in the neighborhood and not specifically on the house or property. I think drones can be used on parks or outdoor spaces, but definitely not in private neighborhoods.
  4. One problem is that more and more parks are starting to make rules which forbid flying drones over the park. I have only had my drone a short while and I think it's great fun but even in a week or two I have already run into issues with being told to 'bring it in and don't fly it here anymore'. And these were not invasions of privacy; they were park officials. Even at one dog park I was told it was illegal. Starting to make me wonder if it's worth owning.
  5. no you can not shoot a drone down plus airspace is faa territory cant tell planes not to fly over your house same as a drone
  6. Paul has the correct answer. It is illegal to shoot down a drone, even if it is over your house. The FAA "owns" the airspace over your head, so it is the same as flying over a park.

    It becomes more a matter of good taste and manners to stay away from private property unless you have permission.
  7. Not only that but most consumer level camera drones have wide angle lenses. The only way you'd be able to spy on anyone is if you were close and low... So close and low that it would be absolutely obvious that the drone was there and thus wouldn't really be spying... they're pretty loud. Also, in some places (Arizona) even in your own backyard you have no expectation of privacy, therefore you can't technically be spied on. The paranoia over drones is rather annoying. They are nothing more than an added tool on a photographers's belt.
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  8. I think that if anyone uses a drone to invade other people's privacy then they cannot complain about whatever happens to it in their yard. But I guess we do have to kind of relax and let go of some of the paranoia that surrounds drones, and I think that will all go away when we get used to seeing them everyday.
  9. If you're 100' up and someone shoots you down, call the police and the FAA; they just committed a federal crime.
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  10. I sometimes fly at a nearby park. I try to keep the drone over the park and not over anyone's house, but even at fairly low altitudes I can easily see over 6' fences.
  11. The FAA considers your drone an aircraft. Shooting at, or otherwise attempting to bring down a drone is a felony. Deliberatly disabling an aircraft is a threat to persons and property that would end up in the "crash zone". The FAA frowns on that kind of thing.

    That being said, it's important to exercise good judgment and appropriate courtesy when piloting. We need not give the FAA or local authorities more reason to regulate drone usage. Most enforcement will simply say you can't fly at a given area but will not be able to cite law or ordinance, they just "think" it's not allowed. It's up to you if you want to push it.
  12. .....In the USA anyway. Sorry, I forget our international members.
  13. Up till now I have only undertaken practice flights at a local church up the hill from my house. Just getting the feel of it, learning to control, experimenting with range, Playing w/ shots, test recordings, etc.. Went to a local Marina park this evening about an hour before sunset. Saw a duty Police officer, approached him, introduced myself, explained that I just bought a drone, felt, I was ready to graduate to my first over water flight and asked if there would be any issue if I flew it there. He told me no problem. Put it out over the water not going too far out but stretched its legs a bit. Ony pushed it out about 2,900ft along the shore & turned farther out in the river into deeper water. lost sight of it flying fpv & looked up to see an ultralight in the vicinity & turned toward home. Tracked a couple boats on way back once I caught sight again & just explored. Came in over the marina, and ran up to another local bandstand area park that was deserted & did some high level look downs.

    I was approach by a guy who ashed me if I was flying the drone. He told me I flew over his head when they were down the other end of the park (was out over water) so that was crap, but turns out the has a Phantom 2. He saw my long run and told me he thought I would lose signal so I show him screen & give him an Autel explanation & specs while flying over to a bar under renovation before returning home because we were talking way-points, GPS & Return Home. He asked me where I took off and I went over and Xed the spot. It landed w/ one skid 6" from the center of the X. We chatted a bit, shook hands, & parted. Good experience! Between him & the kids nearby marveling at it during the whole flight, I'm feeling pretty good.
  14. Change batteries launch again, see I'm still getting a bit of glare on the sunset so head back over marina to the bandstand park @ 150' & this ugly, not even slightly overweight brunette comes up to me and asks me if I'm flying the drone & I just know by looking at her this isn't going to be positive. I say yes I am, hello My name is....and I am greeted with a description of her of her living on a boat on the third pier 4th slip and she doesn't appreciate me flying my drone over her home looking into her windows & invading her privacy and she goes off on me like I never could have imagined about me getting off on invading other peoples privacy, what a slimy creep I am, and it just goes on and on w/ volume increasing every moment....Thank god for GPS Mode. Try to show her the screen to show her there is no way I'm looking into anyone's anything & she reaches to slap it away (I evade). She doesn't want to look at it because she isn't a slimy voyeur like I am and she get louder... At this point I see this older guy who was leaning against the bulkhead watching this come over and I think he is gonna come to my aid in the conversation and he lays into me as well telling me how he hates drone and all who fly them. These two double teamed me yelling and berating me for a good 5 minutes. I tell them both I am sitting here minding my own business and they come over and verbally assault me and that they were wrong in doing so. I'm sure you can guess the response on invading privacy and flying over their heads buzzing them (never happened)... She says if I don't bring it in she's gonna call the cops. I look at her and point out the cop I asked for permission to fly there & tell her to go ahead & report me and then we can discuss her verbal assault on me. She leaves in the direction of the cop.

    Now I'm dealing w/ the old guy who I think might want to look at the screen & might be interested but he is a bitter man who wants to educate me about his belief of what a creepy and horrible thing I was engaging in. I learn he was patiently waiting for the park bench I was sitting on that he owned because he bought it in his son's name & he was offended that a creep like me sat on it, insulting the memory of his son, keeping him waiting, while I looked through people's windows.

    Literally got up off the bench told him to sit on his bench & I will only be here long enough to recover the drone and pressed return to home. He refused & cursed me out a few times and laid into me about how only a real creep would spend his time on a shi&&y hobby like this, spying on people & invading their privacy, & flying over their heads ruining their evenings. I tried to explain that I just bought it last week thinking it would be cool to get some aerial landscape & waterscape shots and had no desire to look in peoples' windows and I really thought he was gonna try & cold cock me but he walked away flailing his hands, cursing and muttering to himself.

    I landed, pulled the blades, packed up & walked up to him where he was still pacing, reached out my hand, apologized for occupying his bench and the fact he got so upset with me. He started to brush past me, but turned and shook my hand, looked me in the eye and just said, leave & never come back. I turned, walked straight up to the police officer on the dock and gave him a brief rundown on both incidents, shook my head and told him I just came here to take a few picks of sunset over the river & bridge. He & the woman next to him told me I was missing the best shots right now. Thought about relaunching right in front of the the cop just to show the two very unhappy people I just met who was in the right, but just told the cop that I had decided that discretion was the better part of valor in the name of responsible drone enthusiasts. Wished him a good evening and left with a good 10min flying time unused.

    So Now to my questions:

    How would you handle this situation?
    What did I do wrong? I tried to be polite, I tried to introduce, I tried to apologize, I went to the cop & explained but the whole incident has me wanting to return this.
    Are there cards we can hand out to the public to educate them to realize these thing don't have cameras that will look into their bedrooms and we aren't interested in anything like that anyway?
    How do you stop yourself from returning every single day & doing the same thing to make a point?

    But most importantly:
    How do you stop a delusional, fat, ugly, utterly nasty woman from believing you lust after her to the point of voyeurism (when you are in reality completely disgusted even looking at her).?
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