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  1. When I put the switch into TTI mode- does this take me out of the GPS flying mode?
    I set all my parameters in the menu- latitude and such- go home to 120 ft.-

    what can I expect when in this mode and I start the unit up- don't want it to take off
    and not know what to do or expect-
  2. I might be wrong on this but I do believe you have to enable it in the APP under advanced settings. And then if you choose to move the controller switch you will be flying without GPS. I suggest a wide open area to practice in if your not used to flying without GPS.

  3. So. Once I am out of beginner mode I'll loose all GPS flying?
  4. Looking at new videos of flying in Atti model.
    Starting to understand.
  5. No
    By switching out of beginner mode you still have GPS. The only way to not have it is if you use the switch on the left hand side of the controller and move from GPS to ATTI and have the ATTI enabled in the app.
  6. And that what I don't want to do. GPS is my friend!
    Thank you.
  7. LOL
    Yes it is. It is a good idea to at least try ATTI mode so you know what to expect if you ever lose GPS signal and you have to fly it back to without GPS :)
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  8. Sooner or latter I'll have to do it. Just in case.
    Right now I have 25 satellite's on my screen.
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  9. You need to step out of beginner mode. The ONLY thing it does it limit height and distance and speed. It doesn't change any flying characteristics.

    You can limit those yourself.
  10. If the wind dies down- ill try it tonight- already set my parameters-;)
  11. ALWAYS Keep it in GPS mode. Only try ATTI mode in a VERY big open area to fly. You do have to get a feel for it.

    If you cannot get GPS lock, don't fly or go somewhere where you can get GPS.

    Just remember, if you are flying near trees or houses, put the bird above them, altitude over any obstacles is your best bet. Far less chance of hitting anything. Of your getting 20+ sats, your good.
    18 is as good as I can get

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