Up Date XSP Batteries?

Discussion in 'General' started by rixxie33, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Reading that a few XSP have fallen from flight- battery issues-they say.
    One person said that you should update your batteries?

    How is this done? First I have heard of it-
  2. I have not had any issues? I always verify the batteries "snap" in during installation. They hold very tight in my opinion.

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  3. I think rixxie means that the drones have fallen from flight from batteries going literally dead while flying. From say a 30% charge to 0-1% in a instant, no time to go home or land. I also read something about this but can't find it again and these numbers aren't quoted but I have heard battery issues just not from being dislodged from the drone while in flight.
  4. Batteries are updated with the firmware update if you go to the autel website they have tutorial videos on how this is done more than likely you are okay with the updates if you purchased your XSP after October of last year.
  5. Thanks. Yes mine is most recent manufacture per the serial numbers.
    So both the copter and batteries have the most up today software.

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  6. I also feel that the batteries snap in pretty tight, but a week ago, on my last flight, I had been up in the air for about a minute when the gimbal went limp and the drone took off without me touching the controls. I tried to counteract what the drone was doing, to no avail. The XSP crashed into some trees, breaking off the gimbal and tossing the battery out. All parts were found, but the gimbal was bent badly and the drone had cracked two of the arms. One motor doesn't rotate smoothly, and the battery had the top plate with the LEDs and power button pop off. Battery life was not a factor, probably a compass malfunction according to Autel. I sent it off today for warranty (hopefully!) work. Can't wait to get flying again.

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