UPDATE: Regarding the upcoming firmware. From Andrew

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  1. UPDATE: Regarding the upcoming firmware.\r
    Thank you all for your patience.\r
    Our engineers are hard at work rebuilding the XSP flight controller firmware from the ground up. This will help increase the stability of your drone. The new flight controller firmware includes updates to slow down the yaw speed. Updates have also been made to the Starpoint positioning system making it more accurate.\r
    We expect to know more about this firmware update by the middle of march with an expected release date towards the end of Q1 or beginning of Q2.\r
    Again thank you all for your patience.\r
    Product Experience Specialist at Autel Robotics
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  2. Will geofencing and enforcement of no fly zones be a part of this new firmware? A lot of us are going with Autel vs DJI because of this and it would be a shame if this new "feature" is introduced.
  3. It has not been mentioned so far but who knows down the road. It would not be in their best interest.

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