Utah fall colors at 8000 ft. elevation

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  1. I wanted to share the beauty of Utah mountains in the fall just as it started snowing.

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  2. Nice pics. Thanks for posting!!!!
  3. Very nice Orange Crush, In my younger days I would have loved to explore these mountains for fossils, is there any ?
  4. Normex, thanks, Utah is known for fossils and Indian artifacts but i haven't found any myself. Probably because i wasn't looking to hard, to busy flying and looking up instead of down LOL
  5. Here's my photo of fall colours when I flew last Friday.
    I live just 1/2 mile south of this small wood.

  6. Normex, very beautiful colors!! Most of ours are gone now, nice to see that some colors are still around, nice shot buddy!
  7. And it's odd of us being north of you guys but this year is exceptional as we had high seventies to day and for tomorrow then it will come down in the high fifties low sixties.
  8. Enjoy it while you can, i missed alot of my window for taking fall pictures due to work, bummer!!

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