v2.0.12 available

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  1. Many thanks bjtap , dld and installed.
  2. As of this afternoon, V2.0.12 is now officially released as the current version - no more beta!!
  3. I did the firmware update today & went out to test it! HOLY MOLLY! This thing flies like a dream come true!
  4. I got the update as well. Very smooth.
    I'm also really enjoying the new props.
  5. My props are on the way, should be here by sat. I can hardly wait to try them, thanks!
  6. Autel V2.0.02 + MasterScrew Props= One, Fine Operating XSP!
  7. I was just informed that Autel will be making an announcement soon on what they will present at CES. Did anyone here any info
  8. While I'm glad for the upcoming CES announcement, is it repeat of what we heard before like new cameras and such, oh well I can't always criticize as my unit performs very nicely.
  9. I
    So no new products. They told me to stay tuned for an announcement of new offering
  10. I am looking for new cameras , retractable landing gear and obstacle avoidance
  11. I was just pointing that other cameras have been announced a long time ago and yet we are still waiting with new announcement , repeat flush repeat it seems.
  12. I absolutely understand
    I am just about to purchase my first drone
    Taking course next week at Drone Academy in NJ
    They train on Autel Drones plus DJI
    I want Autel but need the sensors and want the retractable landing gear
    They could not possibly go an entire year and do another What’s coming
    If they don’t show new product ( the current model is sold out on their site) something will be really wrong
  13. Though I am slightly frustrated, I recommend highly their drone as the quality is there in all its components, I had brought it to a hobby store for show and they told me
    all the components were of high quality with possibility for improvement through only firmware updates.
  14. Guess I will wait and buy after Christmas
    Winter is coming and won’t get my 107 until after Christmas
  15. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts after using both brands in training. The company I worked for bought a P3 at the same time I purchased my XSP, and comparing them side-by-side the P3 looks and feels more like an expensive "toy", while the XSP has the high quality feel and appearance of a legitimate "tool". I agree with Normex, maybe slightly frustrated at the lack of progress this year, but speaking only for myself, it doesn't really matter, I wouldn't have purchased any of the proposed new products by this time, anyway. I've been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the XSP as is, so hopefully they come through with something you can live with by the time you make your purchase.
  16. I mentioned this in a separate .12 thread but will ask here as well.

    I've lost the "low battery" and RTH function. Now I go directly from safe flying to Critical Land mode. I can't risk flying below 8 minutes of remaining battery at any distance away. Drone has landed three times in undesirable conditions.

    Anyone else have this problem??
  17. I have had it happen 3 different times, the battery is bad, mine went from 50% to 6% in a split second , causing it to critical land but i over rode the critcal land & got it home with 1% left. Autel replaced that battery & 2 others over the course of 2 months doing the same thing. Good batteries fixed the problems, if you don't have over 4500mah when starting to fly you may have these issues occur.

  18. I just received an e mail that Autel will launch new product at CES 18 but that is all they could say...

    Hello Wayne
    Thank you for contacting Autel Robotics support. It's great to hear that you are working on your part 107 and are looking for a retractable drone with collision avoidance. Our new drone will be announced at CES 2018 on Jan 7 -12 and the full specs will be available at that time.
    Kind Regards,

    Customer Support
  19. If you ask me, I would never attempt to fly our beloved drones:) below 25 remaining minutes, I know it affect the time of flight but I try to calculate if first it is feasible then have some spare just in case.
    Blame my training as a private pilot that I was 20 years ago. So far I have not encountered any trouble of the sort you report and hope not in the future.
    I hope you all have safe flights and fun. It is getting cold where I live though not as much as Agustine but getting there so I will park my unit for 3 to 4 months.
    I will use the batteries until 50% and check in 3 months if I need to recharge somewhat.

    Take care all.

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