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  1. Just now finished updating and everything went well ! Now to wait for some better weather so i can try it ! Hope this fixed my altitude hold problem !
  2. I haven't had any control issues with the update.

    I do have a troubling quirk though. I no longer get the "low battery" warning and RTH. I go from safe flying to Critical Land. I've learned to not fly below 8 minutes of battery remaining with the drone at any distance away. I thought it was just happening on one battery at first. But it's on all of them. Has caused three landings in undesirable terrain. The last time it landed in standing corn. I stared as a combine missed it by 30"!!!!!

    Anyone else have this problem??
  3. Good to hear no contol issues and i will watch my time ! Dont need a landing in the forest or lake !

  4. Yeah, I'm very conscious of that. So this quirk really catches me off guard. I know it doesn't sound like much, but, if I have to stop flying a battery at 50% to keep the drone from going into critical land mode that REALLY limits what can be done with the drone.

    I have four batteries. With all four fully charged I still sometimes wish I had more flight time. Especially now that I am shortening the time on each battery to avoid a "bad" landing....
  5. I see there is a couple of threads pertaining to this update so I will try my question here. I did the update yesterday and all seem to go well. Upon completion I got the blue checks saying that everything was successful. Went to the next battery to update, upon completion I got two checks, one saying the battery updated successfully and the other saying the sonar updated successfully. I am pretty sure the sonar updated when I did it the first time so I check the version # on the starlink app and compared it to the Autel website and the numbers are the same. Long story short I updated the next two batteries and they were identical It would show battery and sonar successfully updated. I double checked version #'s and it would show the updated version on starlink app just not sure why the sonar update is singled out. Am I the only one here? I haven't test flown yet if temp breaks 40 I plan on going out later today.
  6. my second flight it was 50 degrees outside and I got a warning it was below 68 degrees, went into low hover. I'm still in beginner mode but it didn't seem to mess with the performance.
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