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  1. Can someone recommend a good, cheap video editing software program? I'd like to post to facebook and youtube with my X-Star prem.
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  3. Here is a good tutorial to start with.

  4. Thanks, I'll give it a try
  5. I'm on the page now and it's $995. There is a free entry level color correction software for use with 3rd party panels. That's it... well, unless you want the Advanced Panel for $29,995!

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  6. The free version of Resolve works as an editor.
  7. iOS or Android??
  8. Windows 10!

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  9. Try Microsoft Expression.
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  11. I use adobe premiere pro version is about 4 years old but it edits 4k video with ease.
    its probably pretty cheap now
  12. Try "Magix" Movie Edit Pro. It''s PC friendly and inexpensive.
  13. I've never used an editing software before and am in the market too since i have an xsp on order. I watched a youtube Magix tutorial. There seems to be a lot to it...fairly complex and my 50yr old brain doesn't absorb things too easily. Are there simpler ones to use or is Magix one of the easiest? An apple software has reputation for easy to use, but i ordered a Navidia K1 Shield tablet for my grnd station and would prefer to use it for edits too, so pc is good, but if Apple is a lot easier I could return the Nividia tab.
  14. Go and download (free) Microsoft Windows Essentials, within it is Windows Movie Maker. It's an exceptionally easy to use editor that just enough editing features for us noobs, and later you can decide out when you want to move up to a more robust editor.

    The Microsoft Movie Maker runs well on low end laptops, the cost $0.00 is right where I like it, and at my amateur level it has what I need while I play and practice.

    Try it, you may like it and find that the more full featured editors aren't that needed.

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  15. Okay, so I'm 62 and I've had good luck with it. Is not as bad as you think. But what ever you end up with you have to be happy with it.
  16. Ya, I will probably get the hang of it always seems harder watching someone else and not having it to mess with. I like the price.
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  17. Windows movie maker is free and seems easy enough.
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  18. I just watched a tutorial from a young man. It seems like a good place to start and free is good!!!
  19. Yes, windows live movie maker is all I have used for my over 300 youtube videos and it works great. Best of all it was free. I used it for this latest video which includes some "follow me) Autel XSP video from yesterday.

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