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  1. On longer flights once the video file size gets to 3,670,284 kb my Xstar Premium closes the video file and starts a new one right where it left off with the first one. Happens with shooting 4K video. I am using a ScanDisk 64K SDXC card. Is this a function of file size limits or something else?
  2. Mine does that too. I'm no savvy enough to know if that can be changed. A bit aggravating.
  3. Yeah, I think I read that it is a limitation of either the file system they use or something like that. After just over 8 minutes, it closes the file and starts a second one.
  4. Thanks Bigbit. If it is a case of "It's a feature, not a bug" I will learn to live with it.
  5. These files are easily stitched together with free software, but it is hard to get 8 minutes of video that doesn't need some amount of cutting. They are well labeled and time stamped for identification.
  6. You will also notice as your micro sd card fills up it will automatically open a new folder to segregate newer files into.
  7. I'm new to Autel's format, but with a GoPro camera it will "batch" files and then you will have to open them up individually until you edit them and splice. This should be perfectly normal.
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