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  1. what is considered best and why, .mp4 or ,MOV? h264 or h265? and which format in which wrapper?
  2. The video formats are basically the same any more. h264 is more commonly used than the new h265
  3. I understand that h265 is heavier and more difficult to deal with, so I'm wondering why if it's same as h264
  4. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, is a video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency when compared to its precedent, the Advanced Video Coding (AVC), or H.264. With an increasing growth of video streaming on the Internet over popular websites such as Netflix and YouTube, and with 4K cameras gaining new ground in the market, a considerable amount of storage and bandwidth is required. HEVC promises a 50% storage reduction as its algorithm uses efficient coding by encoding video at the lowest possible bit rate while maintaining a high image quality level.
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  5. Aaron, thanks for such a concise explanation, it clears up my question.

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