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  1. I am running an xsp with a motorola moto e phone. The phone seems to be very compatible since I can always see the drone camera view without very many glitches.... My problem is that whenever I fly around my house out in the country everything seems to work perfectly and I can click to take pictures or video and it keeps filming as long as I want... Then I take it to a park and I am lucky if I get to take 1 or 2 pictures in 15 minutes - I have not been able to get any video footage... It either will not light up the camera and video icons on starlink or they light up but will not work.... any Ideas?
  2. Check your camera/gimble sounds like it may not be seated all the way. Remove it and re install, make sure it clicks in place and try again.
  3. I will try that but I have gone back and forth between my house and the park and when I am at my house everything works perfectly - even up to a mile away, and at the park I can't get it to stop saying "video interference" and I am lucky to get 600 yards out before it loses connection....
  4. Okay now it sounds like maybe just some interference at the particular park your flying in. Find somewhere else and try it there away from the park in question and home and see if you still get the interference and if not it sounds like something in the park.
  5. Thank you for responding....

    do you know why the date and time are way off on my files when I take them off the card?
  6. Sorry that I don't know I imagine it's probably in settings somewhere.
  7. If the CAMERA and VIDEO icons on the right side of the screen are NOT there, push the camera icon in the lower left corner...they will turn on.

  8. IMG_1638.jpg

    Should turn THESE on
  9. Thanks for all the helpful advice!

    I bought a $20 trac phone (moto e) on ebay and it works flawlessly!... The park is still a problem but everywhere else I have complete control 100% of the time...

    I love the x-star premium, I am so glad I did not buy the p4p!

    Is there a way to slow down the yaw a little?... It's difficult to get smooth panning shots while flying....
  10. You can try downloading a Wi-Fi analyzer app and see if the app picks up any type of Wi-Fi signal on 2.4 or 5 GHz. They may have something like a free hotspot of some sort or maybe even a cell phone tower right at the park.

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