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  1. I am almost sure this is not caused by the Drone or the controller, but suspect other XSP flyers have or are experiencing this and may have answers. While flying I have experienced 1 second interruptions on the screen shot, this happens at random. What is more curious is that my satellite radio (XM) has roughly the same activity. Live 3 miles from a community airport with very little activity, and no commercial flights. We are in a big valley at 5400 feet altitude surrounded by mountains. No huge antennas nearby, nothing else that I know of that could be a factor. I have just started flying the drone so I cannot say how long this has been going on. Any ideas?
  2. That is odd. Curious to hear ideas? Especially since it also involves your xm sustem.
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    I get the warning several times each flight. When I first flew it in late winter, I only got it once in awhile. Now it's all the time. I bought those Skyreat antenna boosters and it still does it just as much. Would love to know why

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  4. For this problem I plan to use a Anker cable to connect the controller to the tablet, I read this on a DJI thread that had the same problem and that cable seemed to be the solution for the video cut out problems.
    Does it make any sense ?
  5. Please keep us posted, if that eliminates the problem I'm onboard with it too.
  6. Me too!!!
  7. How much time or number of flights with the new cable should I try until I can report back here ?
    I have ordered the cable on amazon (Canada) for $20.00 cad tax included.
  8. That depends on how dramatic the improvement. Were it me, after 6-8 flights and no improvement I'd report my findings.
  9. Received the cable and the X-Star is supposed to be in by next Monday.
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  10. Please use the X-Star without the aftermarket cable 1st to verify you are having the same issue, then switch to the aftermarket cable to see if it resolves the issue.
  11. Ok so far the radio interferences has been minimal in that if I get some it is more because I lose LOS with trees or because of a building (barn with tin roof) even then it takes a while before I get a message.
    I'm sorry Bill I did not use the factory cables only the Anker cable, now with the Beta firmware update I am stuck at a maximum distance of 1640 ft which I'll verify with Autel how long before they put back normal distances.
  12. Are you sure that limitation isn't just due to "learning" mode? I suspect if you take it off learning mode the distance limitation would go away.
  13. Thanks Bill for your response but I did not have learning mode on, though I had in the Flight Control Settings the distance limit on, so I took it off but I have yet to try it, will keep you posted.
  14. Greetings all, today I received what I was waiting for : "Hoodman" this will give me the opportunity to fly much more, I have tried it and it does the job very nicely being to see my tablet in the sun. It has some shortcomings in the type of straps used mentioned in the reviews but I plan to bring it over to a seamstress we have in town and have Velcro straps put on which will facilitate greatly how it will attach.
    Will keep you guys posted and with pics.
  15. Sounds interesting. I really need something to make the tablet screen more visible for daytime flights. I find the light so bright and the glare off the screen makes it extremely difficult to see the screen information. I was trying to video an event on the weekend and ended up missing most of it because the drone camera was not recording when I thought it was.
  16. I was taking pics of a farmers corn field today in bright sunlight. I had to use the graph in the upper right corner to adjust the light for the pics. Couldn't see the screen well enough to do it that way....

    Anxious to hear your thoughts on the Hoodman.
  17. Well Richard for me it is definitely a keeper as it blocks so much sun that you would be the same as looking at your tablet in your home, however it is a bit cumbersome being another thing to bring and assemble.
    The straps are just ok but I am in the process changing it over to Velcro altogether which should help for the assembly, there is a main strap behind that crosses from left to right and in my case it goes over my micro usb input. They are meant for mini Ipads 8" and mine is a Nvidia Shiels 8" tablet. I should have the setup completed after supper and will post a pic.
    It is 13 " long and having their same design and assembly features, I could ameliorate it better but this is what we have the best for now.
    They are not cheap. Bigbit also has one and has the same couple of misgivings as I, but for me definitively worth it.
  18. Thank you very much for the details. I use a 10" Insignia tablet. Wonder if they make one that would fit?

    Thans again Normex.
  19. The best I could find fits an Ipad Air which is 9.5 inches, could you measure your Insigna to see if its close ?
    The viewing area might be a bit less?

    See this one but a bit hard to see exact size maybe give them a call ?

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