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  1. I'm using a dedicated Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 7-inch for my video device. Lately however I'm noticing more video lagging and stuttering while flying no matter where I am. At times there is a second or two of lag. I don't seem to recall this on my first few flights or perhaps I just didn't notice. I'm thinking the device is the problem in that it doesn't process the feed fast enough. Should I get a better tablet device with a faster processor? Would this eliminated the lagging? I also want to dedicate the device to the XSP and StarLink only (or at least mostly), so I don't want most of the apps it comes with running or the device constantly updating and loading stuff on its own. Can I delete or disable the pre-loaded apps safely? I'm not tech savvy with these things so I'm looking to the group for opinions and advice on how to get a smooth video live view, and suggestions for good but rather inexpensive ($300 - $500.00 range). Right now I'm thinking about a Galaxy Tab S3 or equivalent, and even though I'm not an Apple fan, an iPad Mini or something like it would also do.

  2. There are a few people in here and the other forum that use that tablet and I don't recall anyone having that issue. If you are looking to upgrade I know that the people using the Nvidia Shield K1 have nothing but great things to say about it. If you are lucky enough to find one. I hear the screen is very bright as well. It also has an hdmi port so in the future if you decided to get FPV, goggles it would work.
  3. LabRat: Hi. Like you, I also see no need to pay double for a device (apple) when a non-apple device will perform just as well. I don't think that the 'delay' is due to your device. In fact, the symptoms sound the same as what you would get when there is video interference.

    In this digital age (where all data is sent digitally), lags (also referred to as latency) can occur if/when digital data is transmitted, but not received well. When digital data is sent, it is acknowledged by the recipient device. If the recipient device did not receive a PERFECT digital package, then it requests the sender to resend the data. One of the most common devices this occurs with is our cellular phones (which are all digital). In the old days, (when we had analog cellular phones), one would hear 'noise' in the transmission when transmission difficulties existed. However, with 'digital' we have to literally wait while the transmitter and receiver 'get it right'.

    From your description (above), I can't really determine whether the delay you are experiencing is occurring as you are flying and viewing your tablet, or, if it is occurring after you have taken the mini-sd card out of the drone and put it into the tablet.

    Let me know and I'll help you as much as I can. At any rate, I don't think that the problem is in your tablet :)
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  4. His second sentence "Lately however I'm noticing more video lagging and stuttering while flying no matter where I am." ;)
  5. Thanks to the two folks who have responded thus far.

    kroorda: I am seeing the stuttering in the live view while flying. This last time I was in a field between two neighborhoods and the nearest house was more than 800-ft away.

    The next time I get out, I'll try from another location farther away. You are right that non-Apple devices will work just as well. I'm just thinking that a faster processor might help with this. As Tufargon said, there are others using the same tablet without issue but I have read where others also have the video stuttering. I saw something today when doing searches for "recommended tables for flying drones" that did not recommend the Tab A because of this. So, I guess, it may be hit or miss with the Tab A. It may everything to do with, as they say, "location, location, location".

    I sure would like to have one of those Nvidia Shields! They are made for gaming so do have a faster processor and display. They are hard to find though and are a priced up there with the iPads from what I've seen on Amazon. I'll keep using the Tab A for now but will likely upgrade at some point. The Galaxy Tab S3 also had great reviews (again a bit higher $$$).
  6. Lab, I really dont think that the problem is with your tablet. Rather, it appears to be a problem/delay incurred between the aircraft and controller. Do make sure that your antennas are oriented properly.

    I use an Asus 10 inch Zenpad. Like you, i use it exclusively with the drone.
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    I'll have to observe what's going on more closely the next time out. I do orient the antennae just like Natalie demonstrates in Autel's video. It could all fall back to this area I commonly fly. I have not had a chance to take it to a good remote area yet. I get decent distance, at least half a mile or more on most days. Around here, that's when I start to lose the signal although the stuttering has been constant.
  8. I have found that a number of things can affect signal, including trees. I have also experienced delay, but it has always occurred when the signal gets sketchy. Also, regarding antennas,not only do they have to be parallel with each other, but then they should be perpendicular with the aircraft (for the best reception.)
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