Video link interference

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by yrless, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. I've had my Premium for a couple weeks now and notice that I get Video Link Interference warnings at very improbable times such as when the controller and quad are just 5 feet apart on the ground. A quick look in the Starlink app usually shows nothing unusual in the video channel noise display.....customer support had precious little to offer on this topic.....I'm wondering if this is a self-interference problem caused when the controller and aircraft are close the air I don't think I've ever experienced the issue. Anyone else see this?
  2. I had the same experience a week ago, just resetting the iphone solved the problem.
  3. Funny you say that.....when I shut the wifi off on my samsung tablet it solved it as well......even though the video system is on 900MHz I assume the close proximity of other 2.4GHz rf devices does it's damage.

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