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    Just received my replacement yesterday (XSP) and took it out this AM. I encountered video problems that I did not have with my first XSP. On my first run I noticed the horizon was severely curved (tilted) to the left. I brought her back in and adjusted the gimbal tilt, then sent her back out. This time the horizon distortion was a 'normal' curve, slanting downward from the middle of the horizon (screen) . Did not have this concern with original XSP, certainly not to the degree I am seeing here. I should add here that while the XSP was on the ground the horizon looked fine. As I flew out the second time the horizon's curve was not as severe, but noticeable.
    I changed the battery and sent XSP for a third trip. This time I noticed that as I yawed to the left, the horizon slanted down to the right, quite noticeably. When the yaw was completed the horizon slowly unslanted but still had the curve.
    A couple of other observations: There may have been a correlation as to the amount of tilt on the camera to the jerkiness in which the video played back. It may be, the more tilted down the more jerky it played back. All of the video playback was jerky, ranging from a few seconds of smooth playback to jerking to sticking and jumping. This video was shot at 4K, like my previous XSP's video. It is also being played back on the same equipment as before. An SSD c: drive and a 3.0 USB external hard drive. I did not experience near the jerkiness of playback before as now. (Intel core I7 CPU 920 @ 2.67Ghz).
    One other observation, from the night before. As I was charging the batteries they did not appear to go though the normal cycle... ie they went from sequential lights directly to lights off. In 3 of the 4 cases the four solid lights phase was skipped. Upon charge completion, they did show fully charged and seemed to function normally during flight. Also today, the two batteries I used did go through the complete proper charging sequence.
    So, before I contact Autel, are there any steps you think I can take to alleviate (eliminate) the curved horizons, jerky playback and the yawing left causing horizon slanting to the right. (One difference, I just remembered, with my first XSP my yawing was always set to slow speed, today it was much faster). Are we talking the mini SD card, the gimbal, the camera itself, user error ??? Thanks in advance for your advice and opinions.
    More info: I copied the files onto a thumb drive and starting playing back on an USB 2 android tv box. They seem to play just fine... smooth. (Go figure).
  2. I'm on my third Gimbal. First two didn't have any tilt issues. This one needs 5.0 degree negative tilt to display level horizon. No big deal normally. If I'm in a hurry to catch a shot I forget to adjust. Big deal then.......

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