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Discussion in 'General' started by Wingtcoach, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. I have a 2009 iMac and when I download my x star premiums video to it they come out choppy. I've filmed at 1080 x60 and 720. Any idea what I might try? Thanks !
  2. I may be the computer itself. Have you tried importing the video to another, newer, system?
  3. I'm finding the same problem on my windows 7 laptop and even on the Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet. I have not tried all the optional video formats yet but wondering if anyone has recommendations for the best. I can only view these MP4s from the Autel using Quicktime and they won't load into windows movie maker editing program on my laptop.
  4. I would try using a different SD Card. Faster read and write the better....
  5. The XSP should come with a fast SD card already.
  6. Are you not extracting the video files from the SD card to the local drive? I run the 4K res and I have not noticed any choppy feeds at all. I even edit 4K video on my Mac Mini, nothing but good stuff.
  7. Yes they do, I'm just saying try using a different card....
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  8. All I have is the 64 gig Sandisk ultra that came with it. Speed listed up to 48 mb/s. Does that sound fast? I'm not even sure what speed I recorded the video at. 1080P comes to mind but not sure. On the laptop they show up as MP4 files yet will only open with Quicktime. My Gopro MP4 videos open in windows media player or movie maker. What is the difference in the Xstar MP4 files?

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